BMW 335i 2020 A Great Car Concept

There is one car that maybe waited by a lot of fans of BMW which is BMW 335i 2020. The latest BMW 3 series which is launched in 2018 has a great value to discover. This car is so smart and even can recognize the owner’s voice. So let’s imagine how will the next BMW 3 series will look like.

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BMW 335i 2020

BMW 335i 2020

Look So Modern

The modern side of this car is proved by its design. The latest BMW 335i has a special modern look which is so dynamic and fresh. It is suitable for youth who likes an elegant look but still not too old.

It is sporty and has a curve detail at the right and left side. This car has a perfect color of blue or black. Each color resembles its own sporty and elegant side. So pretty.

The interior design of this BMW 335i 2020 will be more modern and comfortable. BMW has known as the most comfortable and luxury car have ever made in their class. So the next BMW wouldn’t make the fans disappointed because of the good design.

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High Technology

The latest car which launched in 2018 has a voice recognition technology. For the next series, the new car must be done better. Maybe it can understand what you want.

For example to start the engine automatically like SIRI open some application in iPhone. Or do the emergency order such as stopping if the sensor is detecting unwanted or dangerous move of another car around the BMW.

It is all possible since car technology is developing so fast. This car also connected to a smartphone, and the apps can scan the car condition. So if something went wrong the owner will directly know it.

This high tech idea also resembles in the panel of the dashboard. Every analog thing there may be replaced by an LCD panel without erasing the uniqueness of BMW itself.

bmw 335i 2020 interior

bmw 335i 2020 interior

Engine Specification, Economic Fuel System

This is what all new car expected to do. The better fuel management. Off course it because of the environment issue about air pollution or the wasteful of the crude.

The fuel consumption of the last BMW 3 series is about 6 liters per 100 km. This is such a great thing to appreciate. Maybe in the newest series, this can be more efficient and economical.

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Then, the CO2 emission production, this car only make 139 gram per kilometers. It’s a nice number too. Not only save fuel but also reducing air pollution.

Another Good thing

Besides all the things mentioned before, the latest BMW 335i has a headlamp which can help the driver to see the road until 500 km. This lamp using laser light so the next car may use the same technology too.

It also can produce 374 horsepower. The power of this car is strong, not only can run fast but also will last longer and not break easily.

The quality of BMW engine has been qualified through the time. From the oldest 3 series until the latest one, the engine is so good and always have new developed things in every launch.

We can conclude that the BMW 335i 2020 will be so worth to wait. The launching date is not released yet but the fans expectation is everywhere. This car will be the next BMW best car if it well designed and has more improvement inside.

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