Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas: The Sad Facts of Car Accidents

Being one of the busiest cities in the United States has made Las Vegas packed with people, and that’s one major reason why auto accident attorney Las Vegas is always needed. No one would deny that the traffic in Las Vegas is pretty hectic. And with its reputation as the entertainment ‘sin’ city, it would be easy to find a lot of drivers under the influence. Whether it is the drugs or the alcohol, reckless driving and driving under the influence is pretty common here.

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Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas

Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas: The Traffic Facts

The numbers of vehicles are always increasing from year to year. The increase in the numbers of vehicles is followed by the numbers of car incidents. The numbers of registered motorcycles in 2004 alone were around 5 million and the number jumps to 8 million in 2013, which means that there is an increase of around 31% in the 9 years of span. In between the year of 2009 and 2013, around 1000 drivers were injured while 218 of them died within Nevada roadways.

The fact is so grim that experts predict that people in 2014 had the likeliness to die from a car crash, 27 times bigger than dying from a plane crash. The possibility of injuries was also increasing to 5 times bigger. In Nevada, drivers are not allowed to drive if their BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is at least .08%. Unfortunately, from 55 auto death involving alcohol happening in 2013, the ones with BAC above .08+ was around 31% while the ones with BAC above 0.01+ was around 35%. In the event that you are involved in such an incident, you will definitely need the help from auto accident attorney Las Vegas.

The traffic laws in Las Vegas requires motorist (motorcycle riders) to wear helmets. But no matter how careful they have been, not all riders are protected from the injuries they sustain from the accident. Because of the nature of the vehicle, most of the accidents are quite dangerous for the riders – even death. The accident rate resulting in death in 2013 was around 57, and surprisingly, around 84% of them were actually wearing helmets while the 12% were not wearing any protective gears at the time.

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The professional auto accident attorney Las Vegas sees the importance of protecting the rights of any traffic users, including the rights of those suffering from the injuries. There are different circumstances that lead to different problems or solutions. For instance, a truck is backing out from a parking lot and the driver is able to see other cars. However it may not see the passing motorcycle. There are so many possible scenarios that are happening. People may be extra careful but it doesn’t mean that they can avoid mishap and unfortunate events altogether.

Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas: Different Schemes and Plans

In most cases, auto accidents result in injuries – and they are considered the serious ones. Consider yourself lucky when you suffer from minor and mild injuries. After all, people aren’t robots so any drivers, passengers, or even the walking passer-bys have a prone chance of suffering from injures. Bone fractures require times to heal – not to mention that they may require medical and even surgical treatments to heal. Back and neck injuries are also common – sometimes lead to disabilities. It is common that people suffering from spinal injuries become unable to walk anymore. Road rash is definitely painful, and the problem will get worse when infection happens. Even with the helmet, brain injury or head injury always have big chances of happening. Trauma to the head or brain is serious – and sometimes it leads to the victims spending the rest of their lives with long care needs. That’s why it is crucial to choose the right auto accident attorney Las Vegas who understands the extent of the injuries and how they affect the lives of the victims.

The professional auto accident attorney Las Vegas will be there to help you not only during your trial moment at court. They will try to settle the claim out of court first by contacting the responsible driver or the insurance company responsible for the financial spending. If the claim is rejected, then they will file a claim to the court and the case will be presented in front of the judge and the juries. The process may be short or long – depending on the complexity of the case too. But when you have rock solid proof and you know that you are innocent, you can always have big chance of winning the case.

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Is it possible that auto accident attorney Las Vegas can represent drivers or riders from out of Nevada? Yes, it is possible and also allowed by the law. Considering that Nevada is a popular tourist objects for tourists, including bikers, it is not uncommon to see accidents involving out of state drivers. All you need to do is to contact one of the professional lawyer’s service and tell them your situation.

Auto Accident Attorney Las Vegas: Choosing One Professional

Choosing the right lawyer can be tricky because despite the fact that there are honest services out there, there are also a number of people who are more interested in your money. A professional service would put money within the lower places of their priority list. They are interested in your case and they sincerely want to help you out. They would listen to you and formulate a logical and reasonable solution that fits to your situation. They won’t sugarcoat the situation.

It is advisable that you do your research, even when you aren’t involved in any car accident. God Forbids that such thing happens to you, but who knows? Maybe such an unfortunate event happens to people you know – your colleagues, your friends, etc. At least you can suggest and reference your options of lawyer to them. Hiring a professional auto accident attorney Las Vegas may not be a crucial matter now but you never know what happens in the future.

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