Auto Accident Attorney Denver: Understanding the Law

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You may need a professional service of auto accident attorney Denver in the event that you are involved in a car crash – most likely as the victims. No matter how careful you are, bad things can happen, especially when it is the other person who is highly responsible for the incident. However, being involved in a car accident doesn’t always mean that it is going to be the end of the world. If you know the process to do things correctly and you know what kind of procedures you need to go through, you can always get a fair treatment and compensation.

Auto Accident Attorney Denver
Auto Accident Attorney Denver

Auto Accident Attorney Denver: The Important Initial Actions

Again, unfortunate events may happen to you no matter how careful you have been. Let’s say that you are driving peacefully, minding your own business and then bam! You are hit out of nowhere – without any warning or signs. Instead of blaming other people, it is important to take actions. If you want to get a fair compensation – for your damage or injury – make sure that you are doing things properly and correctly.

The first thing to do is to move aside so the traffic won’t be blocked. Both you and other drivers should set aside, provided that no one is injured and the vehicles aren’t badly damaged. However, if one or both the cars are damaged, don’t move it – it may not be safe. If you already have your own auto accident attorney Denver, you can call him/her so they can provide assistance right away. But if you don’t, that’s okay. It is super important to exchange the names, address, and also the registration numbers of the vehicle. If anyone is injured or the vehicle is damaged, call 911 immediately. Even with the slight or minor injuries, call 911 – just to be in case. In the event that the responsible driver can’t respond to you because they are injured, contact the police. They can find the thorough information about the other driver. Notify the police about your info and contact number and ask for the other driver’s information. The police will provide one for you. Just keep in mind that knowing the information of the other driver is crucial if you want to be fairly compensated.

In Denver, you are required to make reasonable assistance or help. If it turns out that you are ‘only’ suffering from minor injuries and the other parties are suffering from injuries too (whether it is mild or serious), the law states that you have the obligation to provide or offer reasonable help. You can either offer a ride or make some kind of an arrangement to everyone involved within the incident. Even when the other person isn’t injured, you are still required to provide such an assistance. In the event that you don’t really know what to do and you don’t have your auto accident attorney Denver by your side, contact the Denver General or Denver Health Medical Center as they know what to do – and they have a reliable trauma center. For some people, this step may be ridiculous but if you play it along the regulation, you won’t violate any law as you have gone through all the right procedures.

Don’t forget to call the police. One of the main requirements to process any claims that will result in your settlement is the presence of any police officer. If you are injured, call 911 and ask them to call the police. In most cases, they would come to site of the accident and process the scene. The police officer would take your report – it would be better if you can ask for information of the officer. Ask for the name and the badge number – any witness account can help making a point to your claim. In the event that you are somehow aren’t able to do these all, ask the passengers in our vehicle to do this. Without following the right procedure, even the most skilled and professional auto accident attorney Denver won’t be able to help you.

Auto Accident Attorney Denver: The Further Steps

You may have followed all the procedures but it would all be useless if you don’t make notes of the important matters. It would be okay if you can take notes of the events before and after the crash – if you can complete everything with photographs, it would be even better. The more complete your documentation is, the better it will be – and it will help your auto accident attorney Denver. These questions should have the answers – and you should note it down:

  • How fast were both of the cars moving?
  • Did you give out the signal? Did the other driver do the same thing?
  • Were the lights were on during the crash?
  • How was the weather? How was the condition of the road?
  • Did the crash happen in a broad daylight or was it dim? Did you have enough lights

Denver is a state where the fault insurance system is applicable, which means that the person causing the accident will be responsible for paying the entire expenses and spending. He/she will be responsible for his own spending as well as the other victims. This is one major reasons why you should compile your evidence as complete as possible as your claim will be strong and solid. If you can have the complete documentation, your auto accident attorney Denver will be able to continue the process and win a case.

Don’t forget that you should get a copy of the report which is the official accident report issued by the government. You can request one to Express Mail or the Regular mailing address. If you are clueless about the procedure, it would be best to ask the whole thing to the police officer handling your case. The report copy should have your name, date of birth, driver’s license number, mailing address, date of the incident, county and city of the accident, your signature, and a check for issuing the report. If this still confuses you, your auto accident attorney Denver can help with its arrangement.

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