Audi Sport Quattro 2020 and the Expected New Enhancement

As we know, Audi has many models and series of car, and the sport Quattro is one of legendary cars. As its name, it is a sport car with high performance. In 2020, it seems the car will bring new generation of Audi Sport Quattro 2020. Of course, it is interesting to see the high performance and some updates to give in this high-speed car.

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Audi Sport Quattro 2020 Release date

Audi Sport Quattro 2020 Release date

The New Design of Exterior and Interior

As what is mentioned above, Audi Sport Quattro has become legendary car. The old Quattro is known in the era of 1980s, and it was great car at that time. This is continued until now and keeps its high performance as the identity. In new car, it seems new Quattro model will be found in Audi R8. However, these still need further confirmation from Audi.

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When talking about new car, the design will be interesting part. In this case, the new Audi Sport Quattro 2020 will bring fresher look on exterior. The car will have more angular nose with its larger and wider grille. Then, its headlight is revised to have deeper look. It is completed with newer and sharper front splitter.

In term of interior, there is no clear information. However, it is predicted Audi will make some improvements in term of comfort and technology. Moreover, it will be sport car, so the cabin will be made comfy, and it seems wider in this new generation. The safety may also be improved to give better satisfaction in driving this sport car.

 2020 Audi Sport Review

2020 Audi Sport Review

The Engine and Performance

So far, Audi Sport Quattro 2020 will have some options of engine. For the base option, Audi may bring V10 engine. It is more than enough to boost up to 562 horsepower. Well, this is a tremendous power.

When it is not enough, the higher option of engine can provide up to 602 horsepower, and it is predicted to use the same V10 type of engine. In term of transmission, the car will use 7-speed transmission. It will use S-tronic dual clutch system for gearbox. However, these are still prediction, so there are no further information about the details of things under the hood.

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2020 Quattro Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, there is no clear information regarding the release date of Audi Sport Quattro 2020. Although it may become interesting car and many people already wait for the release, Audi still has not given any clues or further information for the release date. However, the clear information may be announced by Audi in the end of 2019 or early 2020.

In term of price, it is predicted that people still have to wait for longer time to know the price and other details. By considering the specs, it seems the car can be a bit higher compared the price of its predecessor. In addition, the Audi Sport Quattro 2020 may have the tight competition with the other sport cars, such as Mercedes-AMG GT S, Porsche 911 Turbo, and also the new McLaren 650S.

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