Audi S5 2020 Release Date and Design Updates

There are many cars to release in 2020, and so many rumors about the new generation of Audi S5. When it is true, it seems people will be interested to know Audi S5 2020 release date and the other details regarding this car. The predecessor shows nice design of sedan, so the new version should be more interesting and offer some better points.

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Audi S5 2020 Price

Audi S5 2020 Price

The Design of Exterior and Interior

So far, Audi still gives no clue about the new generation of S5. However, there are already some photos claimed as new S5. There are also many speculations about this sedan. That’s why it is interesting to see how the car may appear in the next year.

So far, it is expected that the exterior will get some major updates. Its facelift will be upgraded together with the front bumper, grille and headlight. These updates make the car look aggressive and sporty. Knowing the upgrades, it will make people interested to know more about Audi S5 2020 release date.

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In term of interior, Audi wants to make the car look smarter with technologies. The cabin will provide comfortable space with great material on the seats and upholstery. There will be screen and some panels to control the entertainment and navigation in the car. All of these things make the car look classier. There is also expectation that the rear seats will also get larger space for passengers.

The Engine and Performance

Engine becomes interesting part to expect from new Audi S5. In this case, it seems there will be no major changes in term of engine. For the main engine, the car will use V6. The engine may be similar, but it will have better technology and enhancement to give better output with efficient fuel. Moreover, the engine can boost the performance up to 347 horsepower.

In addition, there are also some rumors of engine option. It is predicted that S5 will have diesel engine. It is because S6 and S7 variants also get the diesel engine. When it is true, it seems the car will have V6 TDI engine to give up to 344 horsepower. These predictions may make people triggered to know more about Audi S5 2020 release date.

2020 Audi S5 Release date

2020 Audi S5 Release date

The Release Date and Price

All of those specs make people interested to wait the new Audi S5. It is normal since there can be many good things and improvements to bring. People will not be able to ignore the car. Unfortunately, Audi still has not released any information yet about the car, including Audi S5 2020 release date. Therefore, you need more time to wait for the official release. However, it seems that the announcement may be given in the end of 2019.

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Regarding the price, many sources estimate the car, and it will be around $56,000. Well, this price is still reasonable. Moreover, there may be some changes, including the engine option. Of course, these all will be revealed once Audi already provides Audi S5 2020 release date.

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