Audi Facelift A4 2020 and Its Great Enhancement

For 2020 models, Audi already provides some new cars. The new Audi A4 is one of them. This will be one of the great mid-size cars to see. Moreover, it is said the new model of A4 will get great Audi Facelift A4 2020. It will be interesting to see what Audi wants to bring in this luxury vehicle.

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Audi Facelift A4 2020 Release date

Audi Facelift A4 2020 Release date

Facelift in Its Exterior and Interior

When talking about the facelift of Audi A4, this new generation is said to get some big changes. These changes are to upgrade its look and performance. In term of the look or appearance, seeing the exterior is good thing to start.

Audi Facelift A4 2020 gives fresher looks in most parts of the exterior. One of the clear signs can be seen from the front area. The front fascia is redesigned. Now, it has larger grille. The grille is made larger with its nice shape. It makes the car look more sporty and aggressive.

Audi Facelift A4 2020 Price

Audi Facelift A4 2020 Price

When it talks about the front fascia and grille, it cannot be separated from its headlight. The headlight gets new and fresher design. The notch in its predecessor is removed and it has better and sleeker design. It is not just for the matter of design, since its function is also enhanced to give better sights in driving.

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Regarding the interior, it also gets some changes. One of them is about the seat. The car uses improved leather material for the seat. It gives both luxury and comfort for driver and passengers. Then, the new touch screen cannot be ignored. Its bigger size and greater function adds great improvement for its entertainment system.

In order to support the entertainment, it uses sound system technology from Bang & Olufsen. It is great technology and there is no doubt for its output quality. Moreover, there are other supporting features for safety and navigation.

Audi Facelift A4 2020 Interior

Audi Facelift A4 2020 Interior

2020 Audi A4 Performance

Related to the Audi Facelift A4 2020, it is also great to see the improvement or changes in its engine. There are some options of engine. For the standard or base engine, Audi A4 will use four-cylinder engine. Its 2.0L turbocharged engine will be able to boost power up to 248 horsepower.

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For the higher upgrade, it gets 3.0L V6 engine. Of course, it is better and more powerful. It also gets the turbocharged technology. This greater engine can provide power up to 349 horsepower. Based on its power, the difference is quite significant compared to the base model.

Moreover, Audi Facelift A4 2020 also provides hybrid engine. There will turbo diesel V6 engine with hybrid system. This 3.0L engine can provide up to 341 horsepower. This hybrid engine is actually still more powerful compared to the base model.

Information about the Release Date and Price

After knowing those facelift and enhancement, it is good to know the release date. In this case, Audi already gives the official news. Even, the car is launched already and it is said to be ready in the end of summer.

For the price, it is still hard to predict. Although it is the new generation of Audi A4, there are big changes and it will give higher price compared to the previous model. That is why it is predicted that the base model will be sold around $36,000. This is reasonable price by considering the Audi Facelift A4 2020.

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