Audi A3 2021 Comes With Refresh Design and Technology

After the Sport back variant a few months ago, now it is the turn of the sedan model from the Audi A3 2021 to be launched. Since each new model is eagerly awaited and the news about it spreads on its own, it is clear that there will be no need for promotions run by companies like The Marketing Heaven this time either. Replacing the third generation sold since 2012, this inner refreshment was obtained by this German sedan. As a successor to the MK3, which will be sold until the end of this year, the Audi A3 2021 will be the first iteration to come in the sedan and sport back format only. Even so, the fourth generation A3 will bring refreshment to various sectors, both exterior and interior and the latest features.

Audi A3 2021

Audi A3 2021 Refresh Design Review

Refreshing inside and out

We have seen the A3 Sport back which debuted last month at the virtual Geneva Motor Show. And as expected, the Audi A3 Sedan 2021 is a sport back variant given by the tail; of course the most obvious changes are in the back-pillar C design. The design of the Audi A3 Sedan 2021 looks firmer, with headlights that look sharper and a large hexagonal grille. Turning to the rear, the sedan variant does not stray far from its predecessor, with the taillights design looking like those of the Q3 Crossover.

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Audi A3 2021 interior

Even more significant changes we find inside, A3 Sedan 2021 comes with a fresher interior that looks more sophisticated. And just like the latest Audi line-up, the A3 Sedan now uses a 10.1-inch infotainment screen that looks more integrated in the center console. Apple CarPlay and Android smartphone connectivity has become standard, with the latest MMI navigation included in the options. Audi’s typical Virtual Cockpit is also now standard with a 10.3-inch screen, with a 12.3-inch screen and head-up display can be an option.

In addition to a variety of contemporary features, the cabin of the Audi A3 Sedan 2021 is also more interesting by carrying the hexagonal theme of the Lamborghini Huracan style. Starting from the AC hole, until some door panel components are made hexagonal. Besides the typical hexagonal appearance of the Huracan, A3 Sedan 2021 also adopts some details of the Golf MK8 in the center console. Starting from the gearbox to the engine start / stop button.

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Audi A3 2021 Review

Engine details are still kept secret, present in various options

Details of the Audi A3 2021 engine are still kept tightly, but it seems a 2,000cc turbo four-cylinder engine, and a 7-speed DCT automatic gearbox comes as standard. Lately, we’ve seen A3 performance variants such as S3 and RS3, Audi is also preparing a hybrid e-Tron plug-in variant. And just like before, the Audi A3 2021 will come in several engine options to choose from.

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