Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney: Online Search Making It Easier

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Why should you choose Atlanta auto accident attorney to help you with the case or to represent you? Most people underestimate the role of a professional accident attorney because they think that they can do everything on their own. Well, unless you are a professional attorney yourself, it would be difficult to get the things going because the legal world is pretty complicated and complex. There are certain processes that you need to understand or certain requirements that you need to take before you can go through with the case – and in most regular condition, it will take time (and definitely extra efforts too).

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney
Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney: Some of the Important Considerations

If you live in Atlanta and you have just recently got involved in a car crash, knowing which Atlanta auto accident attorney to turn can be a great help. When it comes to legal cases, arrangements, or settlements, having a professional legal assistance on your side can provide a big relief – as well as making the process go easier and smoother. It doesn’t mean that everything will go super smoothly but it does provide a peace of mind knowing that you aren’t alone. This is one of the most significant roles of the auto accident lawyer service.

Making a research and find out the thorough processing can really help in finding the right lawyer for you. Sure, you can always ask for reference or recommendation from people you know but hitting the internet and perform the online search won’t hurt anyone either. After all, you will get a lot of recommendation when you perform the search online, leading you to the right path of Atlanta auto accident attorney service. Be advised, though, that careful search and thorough research can lead you to the right way but when you are rushing things, it is most likely that you will end up with a disappointment.

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney: Performing the Online Search

Finding the right Atlanta auto accident attorney service won’t be overly difficult if you know how to do it. The easiest way is to perform the online search through these given steps:

  • If you live in the area where lawyers are allowed to advertise their service or promote their expertise, it doesn’t hurt to check into their ads and perform a background check. If you live in the area where the lawyers’ service is quite limited and exclusive, you can use the search engine. After all, it is designed for a reason.
  • Once you do the search, make a list of those you find interesting. Make a list of their expertise, whether they are working in a firm or an independent one, and such thing alike.
  • From those list, develop your search by finding out about their background, their certification and license (if any), and such thing alike.
  • It is advisable to start from a big list and then narrow it down. In the end, you may end up with only three or four best candidates from your ‘best service list’. That’s the idea, after all.
  • Make sure that those three or four candidates offer free initial consultation. It doesn’t mean that you are looking for a free service but this initial meeting is required so you can determine the quality of the lawyer themselves. It may seem difficult to understand but from such a short period of consultation time, you can get general idea about the qualification of the lawyer, as well as their professional conduct, and such thing alike.
  • Once you have made the initial meeting with all of those candidates, you can make an educated and wise decision of which service to choose. To gain objective outcome, you should tag along someone with you so your opinion won’t be biased. Having another set pair of eyes and ears can help you make a wiser decision.

Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney: Consideration about the Fee

One of the major elements in choosing the right Atlanta auto accident attorney is about the fee. Just because the majority of lawyers implement contingency fee principle, it doesn’t mean that all of them will have such a basis.  Unlike the fixed fee basis, the contingency fee depends on the amount of settlement you get. Of course, this has its own benefits and flaws. Let’s say that you win a settlement worth of $20,000 – the contingency fee is usually around 33% (at least) and 40% (on the maximum level). It means that your lawyer will get around $6600 for their fee. The bigger the settlement, the higher their fee will be. The advantage for you is that you won’t have to pay anything when you lose the case but on the negative side, you will be charged 33% from the total settlement you get.

The amount of settlement also depends whether you can settle everything on your own or whether you continue to the court. When the case goes to the court, not only it will be more complicated but the expenses will be higher too. That’s why, the contingency fee for the court case will be set around 40% from the total settlement. But if you can settle everything without having to go to the court, the percentage for the contingency fee will be ‘only’ around 33.3%. Most Atlanta auto accident attorney services will try their best to come up with solutions. If they can only manage a low settlement, they will try as best not to deal with the complicated case.

In the end, you need to remember each case is different – depending on the circumstance, situations, and the level of difficulty. It is always the best case scenario to discuss everything with your legal representative – after all, it is the legal matter with the requirements of special skills and expertise. Your lawyer has the basic familiarity with the case – as well as the experience – so it is always a good idea to listen to their advice. This is also one of the reasons why you should find not only professional but also trusted Atlanta auto accident attorney service to help you.

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