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The American Cancer Society car donation is only one program that is included in the many programs set up by the foundation. The charity wants to help bringing a better and healthier world where a cure for cancer has finally been found. It is not easy, really, but someone has to do it. That’s why relentless research, experiments, and studies have been done to learn more about this health ailment and to find the cure. Everyone wants to minimize the numbers of cancer patients – considering that it has affected so many lives and it has taken a lot of lives of the people we know and love.

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American Cancer Society car donation

American Cancer Society car donation

The Facts

The charity has been around for quite a while. In fact, it is one of the charities that you can trust due to their commitment in eliminating cancer and find the cure. For more than decades, they have dedicated themselves to give only the best to people and they expect nothing in return. As simple give back and a slight support will be appreciated, considering that they are struggling – and they need every boost, support, and encouragement to keep themselves going. The American Cancer Society car donation is only one program among their other programs  so you can always participate in whatever program you want.

It is a good thing that their hard work has been paid off. Some of the studies and researches have turned out positive, being able to help some of the people. However, the journey is still long way to go and to claim that their efforts have been enough isn’t sufficient for now. Here are some achievements that the charity has done so far – including what has been done by American Cancer Society car donation program:

  • They have managed to gained research grant with a total of $3.8 billion since the year 1945 up to now.
  • The charity has helped so many people, reaching up to 14 million people in America alone. Thanks to this charity, those people will be celebrating birthdays this year.
  • They have done a relentless work and a determined effort to make sure that everyone can have longer life expectancy by being free from cancer. They work with different parties to make sure that preventive matters have been taken instead of finding the cure only. For instance, they know that tobacco is bad for the health. Not only it affects the firsthand smoker, it is more dangerous to the secondhand smoker. That’s why they are trying to build campaigns and partnership with drugstores to stop selling any tobacco products, especially those related to the cigarette. For his relentless work, they finally managed to sign a deal with CVS Caremark, one of the top drugstore names in America, where the drugstore won’t sell any products related to tobacco. The drugstore agreed to take part in the action set up by this charity to fight and save lives affected by the tobacco.
  • It is a charity that offers free transportation service – up to one million services – all over America. It is also offering freed lodging in 31 different locations to 40,000 patients through the Hope Lodges program all over America too.

With all of these achievements, it is only logical that they constantly need financial support and funding. And the American Cancer Society car donation isn’t the only program they have because they are more programs they have set up, such as:

  • Relay for Life. The idea is to increase the awareness of cancer and also raise money for the research. It is a super nice way for individuals, groups, and communities to increase their awareness and to give back.
  • Breast Cancer Walk. This is an event held annually in many places across the nation. Breast cancer caregivers, supporters, and survivors can come out to support the charity’s cause and mission. The idea is simple, creating a world with more birthdays, meaning that there would be less death and more survivors.
  • Vehicle Donation. Also known as the Cars for a Cure, this program is designed for those who want to donate their vehicles and support any charity you prefer – not only the American Cancer Society. Whether you have a trailer, motor home, motorcycle, truck, boat, or even an airplane, they will be glad to accept your donation.

How It Works

When you want to take part in the American Cancer Society car donation program, you need to be committed and you need to let go of something you hold dear – such as your car. Most people would hold it too dear, thinking that they can always make use of the car some day. Well, in some cases and some harsh reality, it is not always that simple. You have a new ride and the old one is getting wrecked from day to day. You don’t have the money to fix it and yet you are still clingy to it.

Well, think of it like this: when you donate the car, you are basically helping others and contributing to saving lives. From the seemingly simple gesture of donating the car, the money can be used to fund the cancer research that may lead to the discovery of cancer cure that can saves millions – or even billions – of lives.

The overall procedure and steps are pretty easy. You only need to contact them and then they will review the condition of your car and also the documentation. If everything is okay, they will manage a pick up schedule where a trusted towing company will take your vehicle and deliver it to them. When they hold an auction and sell the car, they will make the arrangement so they can send you the documentation – which you can use for your tax deduction claim. The documents are important because you will have to include them in your tax paper work.

As you can see, taking a part in social work never hurts anyone – you will only do good things as well as taking the advantaged of yourself – at least from the financial value. Check out more details about the American Cancer Society car donation program and how you can take the best advantage of it.

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