Reviving Acura Integra Type R 2020 with the Latest Design and Engine

Acura is part of Honda that produces luxury cars. Company produces several models since long time ago including Integra. In 2006, Integra was discontinued due to several reasons. While in market, Integra has one variant called Type R as high-performance model. Nowadays, there is rumor to review new Acura Integra Type R 2020. Further information is explained in the following sections.

Credit image Motorauthority

Credit image Motorauthority

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Design and Development

Integra was compact sedan and Type R used the same base design, but with powerful engine. In Acura lineups, some cars have potential to replace Integra. The problem is Acura might change few things in order to fulfill what Integra should be. This process requires extensive research, experiment, and development.

Acura Integra Type R 2020 is still possible if Acura or Honda uses rebranding technique. Creating completely new Integra takes time, but Acura takes one specific variant then add Integra brand. Furthermore, Type R is dedicated for high-performance, which means one variant from certain brand will have sport capability.

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The design may use two options, sedan and hatchback as similar to Civic. However, Integra is specifically from Acura in order to separate from Civic as the car from Honda. Some designs adopt Civic but with minor additional update. Acura might try to rely on the last generation of Integra as the base design.

Engine and Features

Type R is specifically for sport performance, high speed driving, and fast acceleration. In that case, the engine and capability are important. Most of Type R has engine inline-4 Turbocharged. Integra should be with that engine. For capacity, Acura considers engine between 2.0 liter and 2.5 liter. Until now, Civic Type R uses 2.0 liter as base engine. Moreover, Integra should have the same or slightly above that engine.

Old model was regarded as the best front-wheel car. People liked Integra because it is easy to handle in any maneuvering modes. Moreover, Type R was more powerful in acceleration level. Based on that information, you do not want new Integra Type R to be less capable, right? That’s why Acura needs to increase powertrain in order to boost at least 320 hp.

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Acura Integra Type R 2020 has many features and technology to enhance the capability. This car has seatbelts and airbags in each seat. Safety measures include traction control, camera and sensor, lane departure assist, cruise control, advanced braking system, parking assist, and several panels to protect from direct collision.

Release date and Price

The release date is still unknown. There is still no official announcement from Acura. You need to wait for new Integra. However, Honda might take a chance to do facelift or concept in order to bring Integra back into market. As it mentioned above, the quick way is rebranding and upgrading the existing model into Integra capability.

If you want short car with affordable price, Acura or Honda is the best answer. You can have Civic or Accord Type R with price less than $35,000. For the new Acura Integra Type R 2020, the price should be in the same range and less than $40,000.

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