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2022 Ford Maverick Specs Detailed Info for the Small Pickup Truck

Those who are looking for a small but reliable pickup truck can turn to the Maverick, provided they have understood the detailed 2022 Ford Maverick specs. What’s the big deal, after all? Well, Maverick isn’t exactly the most popular names in the pickup truck lines today, especially since you have F-150 or Bronco in the sector. In the 1970s, the Maverick might have experienced its golden moment, but not so much today. That’s why Ford wants to revive the nameplate again, and have some changes to the construction, power, and performance.

2022 Ford Mavericks Specs and Updated Work

As it was mentioned before, Maverick was a huge name back then in the 1970s, but with heavy competitors like Bronco, Escape, or F-150, Ford has to work extra hard to make Maverick excels in the sector. Instead of putting the Maverick back into the compact car variant again, Ford is now placing it in the small pickup truck range, placing it right under the mid-size line Ranger.

And the Maverick won’t share mechanicals and parts with the Ranger. Instead, it is constructed with the similar chassis as the compact crossover, Bronco Sport. The company is thinking about releasing a hybrid unit that combines an electric motor with four cylinder unit with 2.5 liter capacity. It will be paired up with front wheel driving system and CVT (Continuously Variable auto Transmission).

Do they offer the non-hybrid engine? Yes, they do. It comes as an optional pick if buyers want it. It would be running on the four cylinder turbocharged engine with 2.5 liter capacity, which would be paired with all wheel driving system. The all wheel driving system is only available for the non-hybrid unit. All of them will share the same crew cab four door body style that is topped with 4.5 foot bed. Maverick will be included in the small pickup truck class. Santa Cruz, from Hyundai, is also a part of this small class.

Exterior Areas

Just because Maverick is included in the small truck line, it doesn’t mean that the design is lousy or lame. It comes with high bar grille and bluff front end, which makes the truck look attractive. The smart arrangement is just right as it doesn’t make the truck look too small or too low. They are inspired by other trucks from Ford with the square rigged corners and flat body sides.

The bed is 4.5 foot, which is basically smaller than the F-150 or Ranger. Ford, however, is able to come up with clever solution with slots being stamped on the bed’s side so owners can manage their own segmented storage.

Interior Appeal

It is claimed that the interior cabin is somewhat inspired by the Bronco Sport. It has somewhat open, casual, and Spartan look that is capped with cloth and plastic. There would be a big touchscreen display for the infotainment. Naturally, there would be features and technologies. How much of them would be included? Well, it depends on the trim. The higher the trim, the more sophisticated the technologies would be.

Engine, Power, and Performance

Hybrid power would be the standard for Maverick. All of them will be running on four cylinder unit with 2.5 liter capacity that is paired with electric motor. It is able to generate 191 hp. However, this setup is only available for auto CVT and front wheel driving system.

If you want to go for the non-hybrid unit, you can choose the four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.0 liter capacity that is able to churn off 250 hp. It comes with auto 8 speed transmission. Since there haven’t been any driving tests performed, it’s hard to tell about test results and driving impressions, so we should wait for further release. 

Maverick is able to accommodate 1500 pounds of weight for the payload capacity. It is able to tow 2000 pounds of object quite effortlessly. If you opt for Towing Package (which is the optional pick) and four cylinder turbocharged unit, Maverick can even tow 4000 pounds of object. Not so bad, right?

There hasn’t been any detailed info about the fuel economy rating, which is claimed to reach 75 mpg for the highway. Ford themselves claim that Maverick should be able to reach 40 mpg for the city. But since there hasn’t been any detailed info about Maverick’s performance, there hasn’t been any info about it. We just have to wait and see.

Different Trims and Options

There are 3 different trims for the Maverick: the base XL, the middle class XLT, and the premium Lariat. The XL would be the most affordable one although it doesn’t have enough comfort that may be important for most buyers. However, if you put forward function and performance instead of comfort, the XL can be an excellent option.

Price and Release Date

The company may not say much about this Maverick, but considering that their work is (almost) done, they can release official confirmation and announcement. According to them, the Maverick should be ready in fall 2021. They are happily taking reservations for the small truck. In fact, it is said that they have taken around 36,000 reservations for the ride – which is quite impressive!

For the price range, there would be different tags, depending on the trim. For the basic one, the XL, the price tag would be set $21,500. The higher one is the XLT and it is set at around $23,800. The highest and most premium one is the Lariat, and the price tag would be $27,000. Naturally, different features and technologies would be included into different trims and levels.

The Pros and Cons

In the overall sense, there are many things to like about the upcoming Maverick although there are several downsides of the ride. On the good sides, the vehicle has strong and solid turbo-four unit. Not to mention that there is efficient hybrid power that goes along the way. The starting price starts at very affordable tag. And the bed design is somewhat ‘clever’.

However, the Maverick only offers one bed or cab combination, which is quite limited in a sense. When compared to the Ranger, Maverick has smaller (payload) capacity. Moreover, not all of the (driver-assist) features are standard. It lacks of comfort for the exchange of lower price tag.

In short, Maverick sounds like a promising ride despite some minor downsides. Now that you already understand 2022 Ford Maverick specs, would you be interested in buying one?

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