2021 Toyota Tundra Debut with Two Special Editions

Toyota Tundra becomes one of the iconic cars from this manufacturer. Even, it is fair enough to call it as one of the oldest vehicle. Of course, the car got its redesign in 2007 and it continues the updates up to now. Then, it is predicted that this year will become the 2021 Toyota tundra debut. The good news is about two special editions brought by Toyota for this carryover vehicle.

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Overall, it will keep the iconic design after redesigned in 2007. It is expected that the car keeps its muscular look of carryover with some updates on its visual. One of them is on its grille. It is predicted that 2021 Toyota tundra debut will bring the large grille with different details depending on its trim level.

For the interior, the updates brought in 2014 become interesting concept, and it seems that the same style is brought in the 2021 Toyota Tundra. Of course, some tech updates cannot be missed since driver still needs some techs and entertainment while driving the carryover.


For its sector of performance, 2021 Toyota tundra debut will have quite similar engine from its predecessor. It brings back the 5.7liter V8 engine. This is enough engines to generate up to 381 horsepower. The engine will work on the automatic transmission in six-speed. Basically, it uses the rear-wheel drive.

For the option, four-wheel drive is available. For the TRD Pro trim, it is predicted that the car will use the suspension of off-road vehicles. Then, it will bring rugged tires to adapt on its track. It is also equipped with some safety features, and these will be available in all trims.

Special Edition

For the new 2021 Toyota tundra debut, it is announced that there will be two special editions. First, there is 2021 Toyota Tundra Trail Special Edition. Based on its design, it adopts the Tundra Crew Max and SR5. For the exterior, its grille will use the one from 1794 edition with chrome finishing. It will become the iconic side of its exterior. In the inside, mostly it will become black cabin. It will have all-weather liners for the floor to make the cabin stay clean.

For the second one, there is Toyota Tundra Nightshade Edition. This will bring the luxurious design. This is going to bring the sinister exterior with the black grille. This is quite different from the Trail Special Edition with its chrome grille. This will have some color options, starting from Midnight Black, Magnetic Gray Metallic, and also Super White.

Release and Price

Most of the details of new Toyota Tundra are not fully revealed. That is why some of them are still predictions. However, it will not be too far from what are predicted. For its launch, the car is ready on the second half of 2020.

In term of prices, it is predicted that the base model will be sold at around $33,000. Then, the special edition will have higher price, and it is possible to find them at around $48,000. These still become reasonable prices for the 2021 Toyota tundra debut.

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