The Highly-Anticipated 2021 Toyota Sienna Specs That May Surprise You

Toyota is the brand that currently has domination in industry of hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. It strives to continue its success by increasing the environmentally-friendly vehicles that fueled by electrified power plant. One of the models that have been anticipated in the near future is the successor of Toyota Siena line. The minivan first made appearance in 1997, and has been undergone multiple redesigned stages. Next year, it is the turn for 2021 Toyota Sienna to be launched. The exact details of 2021 Toyota Sienna specs haven’t been released, but the fleet production data indicates that order would take place in the second half of the year, thus signify that it will be released either late summer or early fall. Here are the expected specifications to give you some ideas about the model.

2021 Toyota Sienna Specs

2021 Toyota Sienna Specs

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2021 Sienna Exterior Specifications Details

Seems like Toyota wants to keep the classic original minivan shape of the Sienna lines – there is no any drastic foreseeable so far. The most impactful upgrade appearance-wise is the front and the rear end, where you can notice more modern headlights and taillights which can be seen when you’re taking a peep at the camouflage.

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Another noticeable change that feels exciting and interesting that you can expect is the improvement on wheels. The inside reports that the tires are slightly jutting and poking from their wheels, suggesting that the tracks will be fuller considerably. The possibility of increased wheelbase means that the new model would be more comfortable when you’re riding it. According to the reliable sources, the front sheet metal is also made into place. This information on 2021 Toyota Sienna specs makes the coming release is much more anticipated.

2021 Sienna Interior Details

The proposed version of 2021 Toyota Sienna specs is also offering some insights on its interior looks. Many experts believe that the changes on the interior side are even more apparent compared to the model’s exterior features. The reason behind this is because the current interior design that the model has sported is almost a decade old at this point. You can rely on Toyota to expect more of the best leather finishes. In addition, the anticipated soft-touch materials to be used in the 2021 Sienna are going to come. It also reportedly provides the best options of connectivity through featuring the Entune 3.0 system as the biggest takeaway.

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2021 Sienna Engine Specs

Even though some details about the engine are not yet to be very clear, the spread news of 2021 Toyota Sienna specs stated that it will be similar to Avalon’s engine. The Avalon itself has V6 engine with 3.5-liter fuel capacity. It can generate up to 301 horsepower and has 267 pound-feet torque. Sienna is expected to be equipped with 8-speed automatic gearbox. The hybrid version of Sienna is expected to be able to produce 215 horsepower capability.

The Estimated Price

With various upgrades on the 2021 Toyota Sienna specs, it is estimated that the base model would launch for around $35,000. Meanwhile the hybrid model should cost approximately $45,000. You can expect the Sienna to be launched at the latter half of the year even though the exact date hasn’t been released.

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