2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4 and Its Interesting Specification

Toyota has introduced the new generation of RAV4. This is going to become interesting vehicle. This will be new segment of compact crossover, and there will be some new things offered by 2021 Toyota plug in hybrid rav4. Knowing more details of the car can become good consideration while waiting for its official release. It is surely going to become one of the nice crossovers to find in 2020.

2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4 Price

2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4 Price

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In term of design, it brings the concept of compact crossover. Overall, it looks better than the previous RAV4. Its crossover exterior design brings the sense of muscular design, and its height may also make the car looks like mini-off roader. This makes the new RAV 4 look more refreshed.

Then, the roof is made low. However, it does not leave its stylish design. Moreover, it also still keeps the large size of windows. In its interior, the car brings some good technologies to give comfort. The cabin also gives synthetic leather for better look and comfort inside the cabin.


2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4

2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4

In term of performance, 2021 Toyota plug in hybrid rav4 brings more power than the predecessor. This crossover may have similar 2.5-liter Atkinson inline-four engine under its hood, but it will get higher power boost once the electrical engine is activated. This engine alone is able to produce up to 176 HP.

Its hybrid engine has two electric motors, and it has lithium-ion battery to become the power source. Once the power is combined, the car can boost its output up to 302 HP. With this power, it can run from 0-60 mph in less than 6 seconds. This makes 2021 Hybrid RAV4 as one of the quickest Toyota’s car, and it is only slower from Toyota Supra.

Trim Level

In term of trim level, 2021 Toyota plug in hybrid rav4 provides some options of trims. For example, there is SE trim. This model brings 18-inch wheels. Then, its iconic color will be black. For the interior, it brings the standard version with 8-inch display with touchscreen. The connectivity already supports Android Auto and also Apple CarPlay.

Then, the second trim level is XSE. This will be better version than the previous one. For example, it uses two-tone colors for its exterior. Its wheels also are bigger with the size of 19 inches. Moreover, it is equipped with LED daytime and there is further setting for it. One of the biggest different is on its paddle shifters and synthetic leather for its upholstery. In addition to these two trim levels, there are still other trims, such as Limited, LE, and XLE.

2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4 Release date

2021 Toyota Plug In Hybrid RAV4 Release date

Release Date

The car is introduced in the end of last year. Some of key features and designs were already presented. It means that it will not take much time before its official launches. In this case, it is predicted that the car will be ready in the summer of 2020.

In term of price, it will not be too far from the predecessor. The previous RAC4 hybrid was sold at around $28,000. Then, the new car will be priced around $30,000. The higher trim levels of 2021 Toyota plug in hybrid rav4 will have higher price, but it is still unclear.

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