2021 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Performance as the Car with Fuel Cell

The car manufacturers try hard to find the most efficient way for fuel consumption. They use some methods, such as hybrid and electric. Another alternative is fuel cell that has been developed for public transportation. Toyota takes this technology since 1990, and developed the car concept for the future production. The result is Mirai, and the new 2021 Toyota mirai release date will be announced as soon as possible.

2021 Toyota Mirai Release Date

2021 Toyota Mirai Release Date

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The Car Concept and Development

This car is unique in term of design and development. People might not expect the fuel cell to be more reliable for car. It cannot sustain the heavy driving mode. On the other hand, Toyota is capable to deliver what fuel vehicle supposed to be. That’s what the Mirai looks like. The concept car was introduced in 2013. The first generation was produced in 2014, and the latest model is already in the market.

The Release Date and Price

2021 Toyota mirai release date is expected in the three months before the end of 2020. For your information, the manufacturer will put new production year after past six months since the New Year. You can expect similar situation for new Mirai. The latest model is ready, but you should wait at least six months until Toyota announces the official released.

You cannot buy this car, but Toyota provides the alternative. You can get the leasing contract for 12-month. It can be extended up to 36-month. You will receive support and warranty, including maintenance and replacement if the car is broken, but the leasing is still active. You just spend at least $350 per month for one-year contract.

2021 Toyota Mirai Concept

2021 Toyota Mirai Concept

The Main Features and Capability

Toyota Safety Sense is installed in the new Mirai. It has features to protect the car from collision and severe injury when the accident happens. It consists of pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, automatic high beam, cruise control, and road sign assist. The latter is the feature to recognize traffic sign automatically, so you can adjust it immediately.

The interior uses digital panels and electric steering control. This car is integrated with satellite that monitors every movement. Driver can see the information related to engine, fuel cell level, battery, and radar. Those are the capabilities you get in this car. The features will be introduced during 2021 Toyota mirai release date.

The Engine and Performance

This car does not use standard hybrid or fuel engine. Based on the official information, the Mirai relies on engine called Toyota Fuel Cell system. It consists of hydrogen tank, fuel cell, and nickel hydride battery. Those compositions make this car unique. In simple explanation, he fuel cell will fill hydrogen tank as similar to what the fuel does. After that, the car produces energy for delivering performance. The battery is for additional hybrid engine. Mirai has battery as alternative for saving cell.

2021 Toyota Mirai Interior

2021 Toyota Mirai Interior

For transmission, this car only has 1-speed with electric traction. With this feature, the car can keep the speed and fuel capacity in check. Mirai is capable to exhaust up to 152 horsepower. That’s more than enough for daily driving. 2021 Toyota mirai release date will include the explanation about engine and technical specs.

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