The New 2021 Toyota Corolla Wagon with Sport Touring Features

Toyota and Corolla are two names you cannot separate. Both are the prominent brands in car industry. Toyota has been produced Corolla since 1960s. In that time, the car gained extreme exposure and appreciation. The 2021 Toyota Corolla wagon will be released to fulfill the demand in this segment.

Wagon is the type of car that’s rarely you see. This model is like the lower version of SUV. On the other hand, the design adopts sedan for front side, and the rear side is in SUV model. This car is like hatchback with longer cabin.

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Development and Design

Corolla is the top model and bestselling car in Toyota’s lineup. This model also reaches the top selling in several countries. In fact, Corolla is like the name for car segment. Early model was sedan with small size for subcompact category. Toyota upgraded it into compact model, and the size was bigger. Until now, Corolla is still the compact sedan.

The new 2021 Toyota Corolla wagon uses the same front size as sedan and hatchback. It has dynamic grille with sharp headlights. As you can see, almost all car models from Toyota have the same design, regarding the headlight. It seems Corolla is the basis that Toyota implements to many cars.

The wagon and sedan have the same wheelbase, which is 2.7 meters. From that number, you can tell Corolla wagon has the same space for the front and second seats. On the other side, the car has extended space for baggage at the back. The sedan uses three-separation section and the rear space is standalone trunk. However, you do not see the trunk but extended cabin that’s similar to SUV.

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Features and Performance

All models, such as hatchback, wagon, and sedan have the same features. Toyota adds more features and panels to enhance the ability. You can drive safer and more reliable. Since inception, Corolla relies on front wheel drive. You can choose all-wheel drive, but it is only available in several countries.

For the engine, you have many choices. Corolla is the car brand that you can get many engines from smaller capacity until the biggest one, but still less than 2.0 liter. As the compact car, that capacity is enough to deliver the best performance. You can choose 1.6 liter, 1.8 liter, and 2.0 liter, including hybrid model. This car is very reliable for daily driving or long journey as long as you check the engine properly. Those are the performance and features that you get from 2021 Toyota Corolla wagon.

Release Date and Price

Corolla wagon has the same price range with hatchback and sedan. You need at least $14,000 for the basic model. As you know, this car is available with several engines and trim levels. You should check the nearby dealer and see what model that’s available in your area. In some countries, the lower engine capacities are not available due to the regulation.

From explanation above, Toyota brings back the wagon model for twelfth generation. The car is in production stage since 2019. In that case, you can get this car immediately. For 2021 Toyota Corolla wagon, just wait the official release at the end of 2020.

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