2021 Toyota 86 Rumors, Specs and Price

2021 Toyota 86 rumors are always loved by Toyota fans. The car is one of the latest additions to the Japanese car manufacturer’s product collections. There are speculations, rumors and news about the car but some of them are true and some of them are not. For those who really want to know more about Toyota 86, here is the valid information.

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2021 Toyota 86 Rumors

2021 Toyota 86 Rumors


2021 Toyota 86 Leaked Information

Let’s begin with the 2021 Toyota 86 rumors about its new features. There is no point of releasing new car if there is nothing new about it. Thankfully, Toyota understands that pretty well. There are some new features of the car. It is rumored that the car is going to have the improvement on its silhouette and on its engine. The car has new track mode and the rear seat on the inside that (now) can be folded down, allowing the interior to be even wider when it is not used.

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Exterior and Interior Design of the Car

There are no 2021 Toyota 86 rumors without the leaked information about the exterior and interior of the car. The silhouette of the car changes a bit. It has longer front and it looks shorter, too. However, all the changes make the car looks even sportier and look like a sport car indeed. It has tailpiece, too, to make the car looks even more amazing.

As for the interior, it won’t let you down as it is just as great as its exterior. The interior is pretty much cool. It has luxurious faux leather wrapping around the steering wheel and the rest of the seats. It is also has matted floor and ceiling. The entertainment system of the sedan is placed by the center front. It has LCD touchscreen and music player, there, too.

2021 Toyota 86 Price

2021 Toyota 86 Price

The Features and Engine

Of course, you just cannot talk about a new car without the detailed information revolves around its engine. So, besides exposing 2021 Toyota 86 rumors here, you are going to find out about the car’s engine, too. The engine used to power this car is a brand new 4-cylinder engine with 2.1 liter capacity. It can be used to help the car producing 205 HP. The car has six-speed transmission, allowing the driver to speed up smoothly on the highway.

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The Release Date and Price

Now we have come to the most-wanted information about a new car. They are the release date and price. Surely, they are waiting for this information long enough. For this Toyota 86, the release date is going to be in mid or late 2021. It is still a rumor, though. The price for the car is also still a rumor and it is mentioned that the price is $33,340 for the best version of the car.

Based on the information above, you can tell that the car is pretty much outstanding. It will fit for family usage but it will be stylish enough for casual driving. Read all those rumors and you can see that even when they are 2021 Toyota 86 rumors and not the legit, official, information, they are spoiling the greatness of the new car pretty well.

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