2021 Toyota 4Runner Price Boost: Will It Improve the Competitiveness?

The 4Runner is perhaps one of the most renowned moderate size SUVs from Toyota. It has been launched to public since 1984. From the first release to today, there were total of 5 major redesigning which makes the latest model a fifth-generation model. This passage will discuss 2021 Toyota 4Runner price and other things related to the anticipated new model.

2021 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro

2021 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro

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Competitiveness Required by the New Model

Despite seeing stable increase in sales since 2011, it seems like the level of competitiveness displayed by the latest releases is not that satisfactory. In the case of engine specs and fuel efficiency, 4Runner falls short than other moderate size SUVs within its class. Many raters also believe that its interior design needs major refreshment.

In order to be more competitive, particularly in its class, slight boost in 2021 Toyota 4Runner price is expected. This price boost is needed to provide new revamps to the classic 4Runner so that it can still be competitive compared to other midsize SUVs. New thing that we know as for now is the return of Trail edition in the list.

Engine Specifications and Features

For the base model, the series still offers a V6 engine with discharge capacity of 4 liters. The engine is capable of producing energy up to 270 horsepower and at the same time releasing torque of 278 pound feet. The standard version is released as rear-wheel drive, but buyer can opt for all-wheel drive in the purchase. The gearbox offered is 5-speed auto-transmission. This vehicle is able to tow weight up to 5,000 pounds with no issue.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

2021 Toyota 4Runner Redesign

Since no drastic change in engine specs is apparent, it is understandable that a boost in 2021 Toyota 4Runner price might not be significant. Hopefully, though, it is the manufacturer’s attempt to gear up for generation change to come. Hopefully, the next model will have better engine specs and higher fuel economy to keep up with the green movement.

The features of this new runner are very exciting, though. Since this car is designed for people who love performing outdoor activities, there are many features created to support that hobby. It is equipped with a cooler in size of 40-quart which is completely secured while the car is moving. This car is also packed with carry handles that are ergonomic, drain plug, and bottle opener contained inside heavy duty latches.

Trail Edition of 2021 Model

It seems like the Trail edition is released by the manufacturer to answer the growing concerns towards outdated interior and exterior design. Inside, the upholstery is made of black fabric with tan stitches. The elegant 1794 chrome grille is added to its front. These changes increase 2021 Toyota 4Runner price Trail Edition from the base model.

2021 Toyota 4Runner Price

2021 Toyota 4Runner Price

Predicted Release Date and Price Range

It is said that the new 4Runner would be released to public by summer 2020 but this date might be pushed back for several reasons until the autumn. The 2021 Toyota 4Runner price is not going to be different if compared to the previous release. For the base model, its price will start slightly above $36,500. It will go up depending on the trims added and trim level chosen until reaching $50,000.

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