2021 Lamborghini Sedan with Supercar Performance

Lamborghini is prominent manufacturer that produces supercar. As you know, every car they produce is unique with high performance engine. Besides, the design is what makes Lamborghini stand out in crowded city when you drive the car. In few years past, the company developed concept car for sedan or saloon. The next 2021 Lamborghini Sedan is expected to be rumor, but some interesting news might create attention if Lamborghini produces such car.

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Rumor and development

The first concept four-door saloon had the name Evoque. Lamborghini used this name for their concept saloon. After long development, the production was cancelled and there was no saloon car from Lamborghini in the future. However, the car industry is not static and more people want something different from others. This is where 2021 Lamborghini Sedan might be good factor to revive that idea.

Market for luxury sedan is always stable because only few companies have reliable and excellent car. The car has long wheelbase with lean roof that synchronized with rear side. In general, saloon or sedan is the car for comfort, not speed. With luxury touch, Lamborghini can create luxury and sport car in single product. This is motivation that urges Lamborghini to consider new sedan in their lineups.

Design and specification

It is not easy task for new car to enter the market. However, Lamborghini may consider from the past experience with Urus. The latter is first SUV that Lamborghini produces and becomes the top product. Urus attracts more customers because of unique design, features, and capability.

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With this approach, company will try again for 2021 Lamborghini Sedan. The design is still attractive enough for crowded attention. The car has two-row seat and four doors with fastback style for rear side. Long hood at front is for front engine with Lamborghini iconic grille. Each headlight is integrated into this hood. Basically, the style at front is less sport and more luxury.

The car design is ready, and the next issue is engine. Many saloon or luxury sedans have big engine. They are excellent in term of handling and capability, but not for sport car experience. In that case, Lamborghini may consider engine between 5.0 liter and 6.0 liter with V8, V10, or V12. The latter is quite unusual, except this four-door sedan is for racing. The most reliable option is V8 and V10 as the engine for this car.

As usual, the car will have many tools with sophisticated technology. Basic driving features are installed including comfort seat. The cabin might be a little bit longer. Lamborghini can make another variant with coupe style but still have four door.

Price and release date

If the car is ready on market, everyone wants to know about the price. For your information, the price for luxury car is in different level from standard category. You need money at least $230,000 for this model. Of course, the price is tentative depending on the trim level and accessories you choose. The car is in development stage and official release is still unknown. You must wait for 2021 Lamborghini Sedan until it is ready for the order.

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