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2021 Lagonda Electric SUV with Digital System and Autonomous Driving

Many automakers try to develop their own future car. Today, electric seems to be what the future supposed to be in car market. One of promising news about this topic comes from Aston Martin. The company puts investment in electric car. Based on rumor, the new 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV will be released. To know more about this topic, read the following sections.

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2021 Lagonda Electric SUV

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV


Concept and development

Lagonda is the old name that’s no longer in production. It was brand that produced luxury cars in several decades ago. Nowadays, Aston Martin owns this brand and decides to put into reviving stage. For new car, it is touch for new brand to enter the market. Simple solution is old one with prominent name in past time. Lagonda will be new brand for electric SUV in Aston Martin lineups.

The car is still in concept stage that takes time for production stage. Based on official release, the concept style adopts futuristic vehicle with less mechanical touch. The car might be SUV, but the style is closer to crossover. As you know, SUV and crossover becomes interchangeable name in today vehicle. 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV will be fit for both category.

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The design is not enough without features and technology. This is the key in electric car because everything is fully digital. The cabin is spacious enough that looks like luxury cabin in the first class flight. All panels are integrated into system through the access via front dashboard. Driver can send voice task and the car will recognize it for the next task. One interesting feature is autonomous driving. This is not new concept but full autonomous is something that auto makers try to achieve. This is also what Aston Martin will do for new Lagonda. The rest of system will be similar to other electric cars with luxury style that represents Aston Martin value.

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Release date

2021 Lagonda Electric SUV Release date

Technical specification

Technical specification is still unknown, but some experts try to predict car capability. 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV will rely on battery for power source. Engine will have more power than normal SUV because Lagonda is also sport car. With more power, car can accelerate significantly but still reliable for stable maneuver.

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The car technology keeps safety in top priority. Each seat has belt and airbags. The safety measures focus on technology for precision. Lane departure, sensor and camera, braking system, and cruise control are what future car will have. New Lagonda also obtains connectivity that synchronizes to navigation system. When accident happens, the car sends signal to nearby emergency service.

Release date and price

Electric car has one problem, which is price. Even though the cost goes down each year, Overall price is relatively expensive. Estimated price is more than $250,000 but it might be lower in the future. You must contact official dealer if Lagonda is ready. The release date for 2021 Lagonda Electric SUV is still unknown. You must wait few years until the concept becomes the reliable and real design. In that case, you may try other Aston Martin products.

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