2021 Acura NSX Type R Features, Release Date and Price

2021 Acura NSX Type R is one of the newest additions in Acura’s sport car collections. Acura is a Japanese car manufacturer, a division of the infamous Honda brand. That is why its products are also considered high-end. This brand new NSX Type R is no exception. Find out everything about the car down below, including its engine, exterior, interior and more.

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The Exterior and Interior

Let’s start by talking about the exterior and interior of the car. After all, 2021 Acura NSX Type R is dubbed as one of the most interesting sport cars available today. So, its physical appearance inside and out must be dashing for sure. The exterior is completed by a brand new, refined rear wings. It makes the overall look of the car looks really stunning and luxurious. It also has sleeker and slimmer bumper.

The interior of 2021 Acura NSX Type R is also great to look at. It is as luxurious as the exterior. The inside of the car is completely wrapped in high-quality leather. They give a centered entertainment system up front with the wide LCD touch screen and a set of music player. This car is completed by secret compartment, too, to hide out your valuables. The car also has cameras inside and out the car for a better protection of the car.

Specs under the Hood

Every sport car must be powerful enough on the engine. Thankfully, 2021 Acura NSX Type R always exceeds the expectation. There is a really powerful engine under the hood of this car, making the car delivers stunning performance. The car has the engine of V6 type with 3.7 L capacity. This engine is even better than that of its predecessor, with only 3.5 L capacity. This engine is expected to produce 650 horsepower, bigger than the horsepower of typical Ferrari, Lamborghini and other sport cars.

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The Release Date

The car has not been officially released yet. It is believed that the car is coming publicly anytime soon. A lot of Acura fans predict that the luxurious sport car is going to be released in Spring 2021. However, the car can also get released even sooner as the Acura officials have leaked a lot of pictures and teasers of this brand new sport car.

The Estimated Price

As this NSX Type R is a sport car with numerous great features, everyone will expect that its price is extremely high. However, for a sport car of this level, the price is surprisingly decent. The car is predicted to have its price around $150,000. Considering all the features and deluxe features, the price is really interesting for most people.

If you think that all sport cars are going to drain out your entire life saving, you must take a look at this Acura sport car. It has everything that a sport car needs, including the sleekest body design, luxurious features and powerful engine, but without the extremely expensive price tag. That is why everyone who loves driving sport car should find out about 2021 Acura NSX Type R right now.

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