The Highly Anticipated 2021 Acura MDX Release Date

Among many luxury SUV products released, MDX by Acura is still garnering attention from auto enthusiasts worldwide. Because of that, the anticipation over 2021 Acura MDX release date is quite high. What are the new things that new MDX will bring to the table? Are the improvements to be added into this 7-seater SUV will be worth the price? Let’s see the current information about this crossover vehicle.

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Redesigning or Not?

The main thing that gets people excited over 2021 Acura MDX release date is the rumor that major redesigning is going to happen. This is definitely great news for fans of this series. Although there is no major flaws in the previous releases, to keep afloat the vehicle must undergo changes so that it can compete with other vehicle in its class.

Experts predicted (due to minimum amount of data about the new release) that the new MDX will address its size. The wheelbase is measured at 111 inches which makes this vehicle the smallest in its group. This affects legroom available for driver and passengers. Perhaps some changes in engine specs and other aspects would happen too.

Engine Specifications of New MDX

The 2021 Acura MDX release date is predicted to be released in two versions, the conventional and hybrid engine. The previous release has conventional engine option in form of a V6 with 3.5 liter discharge capacity. This engine can produce power output up to 290 horsepower. It has fuel economy ranging from 20 to 27 miles per gallon which is decent in its cohort.

Meanwhile the hybrid engine known for MDX is a modern hybrid engine that can produce power output up to 321 horsepower. The gas-aspect of the engine has fuel economy of 27 miles per gallon. Nobody will really complain, though, if there is no glaring difference in engine because both engines are superior enough for MDX.

New Look and Features

As stated before, it is predicted in 2021 Acura MDX release date we will see major difference in the SUV’s dimensions. It will be bigger to allow more space inside. In addition, based on some leaked pictures, there will be more defined lines along the exterior to support its vision as a sporty car. Some Acura executive designs are expected to be added as well.

The interior for new MDX is going to look modern if compared to its predecessor. The hard plastic components that can be found in the previous releases might be replaced with more premium materials, such as leather or metal. The improvement in terms of amenities and others are also predicted in this major generation shift.

Another thing that buyer can expect is additional infotainment features that will be packed into the car. The features will be extended. The center console is also going to help driver controlling safety features in the car which is currently the manufacturer’s main concerns.

Release Date and Expected Price

The exact 2021 Acura MDX release date is unknown but it is predicted to be around the summer of 2021. The price for this new MDX might range from $45,000 to over $55,000. It is a quite affordable price for high quality vehicle.

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