The Great Update of 2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson

After many years of rumors, finally Toyota officially releases the new generation of Toyota Supra. Even, its release gets special moment when the first edition was sold in Barrett-Jackson. It was sold for $2.1 million. Of course, it is interesting to see more details of 2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson. It is sold in high price, so it must be special car.

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Toyota Supra Sold at Barrett-Jackson

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson is sold in high price. It is much higher compared to its retail price. The car was bought and it becomes benefits for American Heart Association and Bob Woodruff Foundation. The money goes for charity, so it is totally an important moment to show the revival of legendary Toyota Supra.

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson

This new Supra is so special since it gets the signature of Toyota CEO. Akio Toyoda specially signed this first edition. Moreover, it also gets special VIN with 20201. In this VIN, 2020 shows the manufacturing year. Well, it is the first car to release after its long vacuum. This first edition also gets mate-gray color with some accents of reds on the mirror caps and interior.

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Redesign of 2020 Toyota Supra

Generally, the appearance of 2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson can also be found in the general cars. Its mate-grey is one of the available colors. There are still other colors and it seems that the mate-gray is introduced as the special theme for the car.

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson show off

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson show off

For its appearance, Toyota makes big changes in its design. Now, the new generation comes in sportier look. Front and rear fascia, body chassis, and whole cabin are upgraded and revised. It gives fresher look and all sport car lovers will not be able to deny its charm. Of course, it has all functions and features of latest sport cars, so it is not something to worry.

Engine Specification of 2020 Toyota Supra

Engine and performance becomes the interesting sector to see in the 2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson. Generally, the new Toyota Supra will have V6 engine. The 3.0liter engine will be able to provide up to 335 horsepower. Moreover, it has good acceleration and the car can reach 60 mph in around 4.1 seconds.

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The design of its chassis and suspension become important factors for the Supra performance. It designed to have good gravity center. It enables the car to provide balance weight distribution in the whole parts of body. The adaptive suspension is also improved in order to give comfort when its turbocharged engine works in its peak performance.

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson price

2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson price

Release and Price of 2020 Toyota Supra

It is already officially released. Those who wait for the new Toyota Supra can be relieved. So far, it is said that the car will be ready in fall of this year. It is predicted that all models will be available before the end of 2020.

In term of price, the launch edition is sold for $55,250. It has special features and there are only 1500 units. Then, the base model is sold for $49,990. For better options, it has premium model and its price is almost similar to the launch edition. This price surely is different from the 2020 Toyota Supra Barrett Jackson.

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