2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro and New Enhancements of the Legendary SUV

In 2020, Toyota will continue to release its legendary car. 2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro is predicted to appear and bring some excitements in the market. 4runner already becomes one of legendary SUVs, and it always has its success to impress the fans. In upcoming generation, it seems that Toyota also prepares some good points to offer. It will stay powerful with some enhancements.

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2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro Review

2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro Review

Changes in Exterior and Interior Design

So far, Toyota only reveals some clues about upcoming 4runner TRD Pro. However, the predictions are made, and it is interesting points to discuss. Moreover, this SUV is like legendary product, so there are many things to expect in order to compete with other SUVs to release in 2020.

Moreover, the SUV will keep its strong characteristic for the exterior. The exterior look will be quite similar with its front fascia that shows great power and aggressiveness. However, the grille design is updated with fresher look. It is also enhanced with radar sensors as part of safety features. The headlight and other exterior sectors only get minor changes.

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In term of interior, it also adopts the concept of previous generation. The predecessors already provide great comfort for enjoying full performance, and it will be continued. Its truck-style cabin will be brought in 2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro. It offers simplicity with some updated technologies. There will be 8-inch touchscreen. For entertainment, there is easier access for device integration, for both Apple and Android devices. It may also use the concept of keyless entry, so it looks classy inside and powerful outside.

Safety Features

As a SUV with taste of truck, safety system is provided by manufacturer. In this case, there are some updated features, such as the pedestrian detection that will activate the emergency braking. It will also have better cruise control system. Well, driving and using full potentials of this car can surely be safe.

2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro Interior

2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro Interior

Engine and Performance

For the performance, there are only minor changes offered by 2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro. The car will keep the previous engine. It will use the same V6 engine. Toyota still believes in the performance of 4.0 liter engine and it is predicted it can boost the output up to 270 horsepower.

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In term of transmission, it will use automatic five-speed transmission. Basically, it will have rear-wheel drive. However, buyers may choose four-wheel drive to get better powertrain and performance. Of course, it is better if Toyota also provides stronger engine options, although this one is already enough.

Release Date and Price

Regarding its release date, it is predicted that the car may be released soon. Fans do not need to wait longer for seeing this SUV. Some sources state it may be announced in August or September 2019. If it is true, the fans only need to wait for few months.

For the price, there may not be big differences compared to predecessors. Moreover, there are no big changes in all aspects. It is predicted the car will be sold starting from $40,000. Of course, all of the information of 2020 Toyota 4runner TRD Pro still needs official confirmation from Toyota.

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