2020 Range Rover Evoque Review: Shape Of Enhancement

It is amazing how many articles about 2020 range rover evoque review share one common idea: Latest Evoque does no such thing as face lift. Therefore, best description for this model would be “better version of Evogue”. Manufacturer admits that they are not aiming to invent new look. They want something more comfortable and luxurious instead.

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2020 Range Rover Evoque Release date

2020 Range Rover Evoque Release date

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

After one test drive, many reviewers praise how this new model manages to eliminate rumbling engine sound. For your record, manufacturer doesn’t change its engine. They are still 2 liter turbo engine. If there is any change, this will be engine placement.

They don’t hang engine anymore, but place it right on engine’s torque axis. This small change cut shifting time needed to reduce torque power. Moreover, manufacturer adds newer nine speed transmission, which helps to manage smoother shifting.

One more helpful feature is a generator with 14.7 hp belt integration. Compared to older model, this generator uses 6% less fuel. It also improves combustion engine restarting time. How is that possible? Engine energy will be stored in underfloor battery when car hits below 11 mph.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Exterior and interior improvement is also part of 2020 range rover evoque review. Moving closer to ideal mini luxurious van, front part has slimmer design. Several elegant features are put back into the line: falling roofline, rising beltline and unique wheels.

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Its interior also gets lots of praise. Evogue sends message that luxurious could be packed in simplicity. This option doesn’t make 2020 Evogue incomparable to its more exclusive brothers. For entertainment, this model already incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Don’t be surprised to see touchscreen interface. It reduces buttons near dashboard, thus creates spacious illusion inside the car. There is also more room for passengers’ knees.

2020 Range Rover Evoque Interior

2020 Range Rover Evoque Interior

Safety and Driving Features

To ensure drivers’ and passenger’s safety, 2020 Evogue installed top Clear Sight Ground View. Similar feature had been tested to Land Rover and worked pretty well. Through main screen, drivers could see any angle; front, rear and even below the car. This includes lots of installed cameras on the car body. Drivers now will have less chance to miss tight parking area or slip on off road landscape.

The other safety features are quite standard. For lowest class model, drivers will get lane keeping assistance, proximity sensors for front and rear parking, rear-view camera, and emergency brake support. In addition, there is also clear exit monitor.

Release Date and Price

If manufacturer wants to make more profit, this car model has to be released as soon as possible. Unfortunately, officials are not giving any hints on release date. Check their website regularly for updates.

2020 Evogue price doesn’t stray too far from its older price. Standard model is sold at 45.000 USD per unit. The other higher models will have different price tag, but the most expensive is set around 57.000 USD.

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In short, 2020 range rover evoque review gives hints on higher standard in almost every aspect. Drivers could expect more performance and comfortable seating during the journey. Minor issues are there, but they cannot beat plus points offered in the beginning. Are you excited?

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