Anticipating 2020 Plymouth Roadrunner Better Features

2020 plymouth roadrunner has been the talk of the town. Many hints are pointing towards better roadrunner series, earning some regrets for those who bought older series. However, they are still excited to see how new series could beat the current roadrunner.

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2020 Plymouth Roadrunner

2020 Plymouth Roadrunner

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

First charming point about roadrunner is its light yet powerful engine. Car could go faster as they focus on dragging passengers’ weight. Despite of its feather-like weight, this engine could generate 600 horse power.

What is the engine inside Plymouth roadrunner? It is no other than 6.1 L HEMI V8. This engine type marked first change, after 1971 and 1975 cars were sharing old engines. No need to say, V8 engine works very well.

Start engine and push the pedal to maximum speed. You might be surprised to find that roadrunner could hit sixty miles for an hour ride. Speedometers will point from zero to maximum speed in just 3.8 seconds!

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Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Be prepared to admire how fancy 2020 plymouth roadrunner is. Walking closer to car, you will notice the trimming on front part has two contrasting colors. If this trick was pulled by inexperienced workers, the impact won’t be as big as now.

Looking inside this car, you will see how Plymouth proudly keep leather seat from previous series. It is still the most comfortable, so there is no urge to replace it. In addition to seats, Plymouth also stick with older trimming for doors. In short, drivers will experience similar vibe, nothing major changed on the inside.

Improvement could be found on driving wheels. It has heated function, so drivers won’t be freezing during snowy trip. If you want, you could also install all-wheel drive.

Safety and Driving Features

Remember how low bumper cars used to be least favorite? Passengers and drivers could count how bad a road is, just by counting the bumping sound. Upgraded series allow you to have a smooth ride, as the shock breaker used is better.

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Another noticeable change would cover the rear parking sensors. If previously this feature is optional, now you have it to all series.

Release Date and Price

Car collectors or individuals who love roadrunner series get no hints on price estimation. Plymouth solely provide hints on upgrades, but has no words on bidding numbers. Now the best place to start is 2017 roadrunner price. Old version was sold at 53.000 USD per unit. With all upgrades presented, 2020 roadrunners will surely have higher price.

Be patient and wait for official release date. Until today, Plymouth hasn’t set where and when their latest car will be launched. For now, best thing you could do is checking regularly on their website.

Before learning about the release of 2020 plymouth roadrunner, public were already charmed by the previous model. There are some rooms for improvement, but the overall score is above average. Some spots for upgrades covers both major and minor features. Aiming for perfect product, the manufacturers decide to fix these disadvantages. Are you ready for the upgraded series?

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