2020 Nissan Z35, Will It Crossover with Better Design Suited for American?

The new Z model from Nissan is ready to challenge the premium car market. It said that this new product doesn’t have too much change than the previous series. However, its small changes have successfully improved its ability, performance as well as its appearance. And, it brings the new and cooler 2020 nissan z35. Now, let’s take a look at what kinds of greatness this car has.

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2020 Nissan Z35 Release date

2020 Nissan Z35 Release date

The Design

The design will have more variety and options in order to reach bigger market range and individual preference. As we all know, Nissan planned this car to be released for the American market. Knowing the American market has higher diversity than others, it’s expected that Nissan takes this method to decide the design for this new Z series.

Moreover, the Z model is also well-known for its perfect design that mostly far better than the other cars in the US market. By combining the beautiful exterior and nicely designed interior, we can expect another surprise from Nissan through the Z35 that will also blow everyone’s mind.

With the American market and customer in our mind, we can expect that Z35 will have similar features like the 370Z or 350Z. The main features here will be the crossover features that you also can find on the previous model in the Z series. However, we can expect that the Z35 will have much better features and we can even say the improvement of the 350Z and 370Z features.

There is also a rumor that the new architectural base will be used in this new series. However, we don’t expect a totally different appearance than the previous Z series. And, as we mentioned above, although the current Z models are mostly more into sedan types car, we can see the Z35 is the crossover.

The Interior

There is only limited information regarding interior design. The expert prediction also can’t reveal that much about it. Nevertheless, we are expecting something close to the current Z model. The luxury and premium style will be there. Moreover, with the next year of release date, there is a big chance that Nissan will make more changes/improvement to its interior up to its final phase. So, we wait for something good.

The Engine

According to the rumor, the Z35 will use the 2.5-liter turbo compressor engine. We also can expect that Nissan will choose the V-6 engine with 4 cylinders on this new ride. Just remind you, this is an only rumor. Nissan itself hasn’t revealed what this car engine will be. But, based on that rumor, we can expect that it will have at least 280 horsepower in its pocket.

The Price and Release Date

The price will be around $50,000 to $70,000. Basically, it won’t be that different than the current Z models. And, we add little bit regarding the upgrade and extra features that it may have. As for release date, we are expecting that 2020 nissan z35 will be available on the market in early 2020.

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