2020 Nissan Frontier Redesign: Total Make Over?

News about 2020 nissan frontier redesign spreads fast. This new model will literally be the first upgrade on the line since 2005 launching. Nissan knows competition between mid size pickup truck is hot. For this reason, they decide to enlist as another worthy competitor. Let’s see how they upgrade their truck.

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2020 Nissan Frontier Price

2020 Nissan Frontier Price

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

Throwing back to previous version, you will see how Nissan put four cylinder engines as the main motor. Compared to the other competitors that are also preparing for better products, this is considered old school. Changing it to V6 would make everyone happier.

V6 engine offers 260 hp instead of 150. Some insiders mention that V6 is already under mechanic’s hand. Company is still putting V6 aside, as incorporating it in latest model will raise its price. Don’t forget that Nissan is the only companies that offer mid size truck for less than 20.000 USD.

On the other side, being satisfied on 3,500 towing capacity is probably not the smartest choice to beat other competitors. Another rumor is going about turbo diesel engine. There is no official confirmation yet from the company. Should this rumor become reality; Nissan would really claim their seat on top list.

2020 Nissan Frontier Review and Specs

2020 Nissan Frontier Review and Specs

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Offering cheaper midsize truck is not the end when it comes to selling points. Drivers, even the inexperienced ones will be willing to pay “a little bit more” so they could get better features than 2020 nissan frontier redesign. This is one of the reasons why Nissan selling was falling down.

Thankfully, Nissan has learned their lesson and gives more for all their models. If previously costumers have to pay tons of additional costs for standard interior, latest truck already pack them in the bucket. Nissan even prepares one high end models called Pro 4X off-road edition. This car is equal competitor to other upgrades from competitors.

Nissan Connect, the platform for entertainment, also receives some decent upgrades. In addition to radio tuner and USB port, drivers could have access to more phone series. Completing the upgrade, premium speakers will be installed as well.

2020 Nissan Frontier Release date

2020 Nissan Frontier Release date

Safety and Driving Features

There is nothing fancy going on driving features. They are still the old features. Mechanics only manage to make them stronger and more convenient. Ground clearance in 2020 model is higher, allowing it to pass smoothly through various landscapes. The other changes could be considered as minor changes.

2020 Nissan Frontier Redesign

2020 Nissan Frontier Redesign

Release Date and Price

Being one of the most anticipated comebacks, Nissan frontier has released no further information about date release. They keep on repeating similar answers to answers press: “it is almost ready”. Since the engine is not decided yet, many people predict that Nissan will reveal it on late 2020. Thus, this will put frontier on 2021 line up.

What about the price? There is no hint at all. Best estimation is taken from previous year’s frontier price, which started at 18.500 USD. Expect higher price for higher ends model.

Despite of all the weaknesses, 2020 nissan frontier redesign is still well loved by public. It has lowest price for mid truck. If drivers prefer the higher class, other versions are also available. Frontier’s engine, although using old version, is still strong enough to compete with the other mid size trucks. Check out whether the upgrades will help you decide.

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