2020 Mercedesbenz S Class: Bigger But Fancier

Mercedes brand has its own popularity, no one could doubt that. However, there is no car model that could beat 2020 mercedesbenz s class. This is still the king of all line up. Last year news had spread about newer and upgraded S class. How could this new generation beat the previous model?

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2020 Mercedesbenz S Class Price

2020 Mercedesbenz S Class Price

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

Since Mercedes always give top notch engine, costumers could not stop asking for more. For instance, each latest model has V6, V8 and V12 engine. Thus, costumers highly wish for amazing V12.

It is also known that Mercedes combines energy efficient engine and also electric driving mode. Again, drivers might be able to finally ride on full electric mode car. Mercedes, of course, has to deal with the recharge problem.

Another rumor has hot tea that twin V6 turbo will be upgraded with 3 liter and extra power. Hopefully, the efficiency is higher than previous engine.

2020 Mercedesbenz S Class Release date

2020 Mercedesbenz S Class Release date

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Say goodbye to boring old s class and welcome to the fancy 2020 mercedesbenz s class! Expect more aggressive look for the front part, thanks to slimmer reshaping of headlights. Drivers would enjoy more laid back view, as the design goes lower and highlight more on streamlines.

Flanks of latest s class will be firmly separated into three boxes. Sadly, there is no two doors option for this model. Moving to interior, Mercedes never fails to impress drivers. Front infotainment will have hide-covered digital gauge display.

Steering wheel would have wood trim as well. In short, it is all about luxury features.

2020 mercedesbenz s class Interior

2020 mercedesbenz s class Interior

Safety and Driving Features

Get ready to get lots of surprises from MRA architecture. This company has the privilege to work on latest s class. There is not many leaked information on these new features. Even so, two obvious changes would cover body control suspension. It helps to warns drivers of bumpy road and reduce any jolts during ride.

Another new feature is lighter weight. This statement makes people wonder, as the prototype has bigger frame than current s class. Mercedez also works hard to improve both active cruise control ans the steer assistance.

Release Date and Price

Thousand people are expecting a lot from Mercedes. No wonder, media blast news about s class launching on Frankfurt Motor Show 2020. Regarding the official date sale, there is no statement yet. However, it is most likely to be announced during the first launching in German.

Those who are interested to buy newest s class must be prepared. Approximately, the lowest price will start at 90.000 USD. This price is copied from current s class tag. Should car design and interior get even crazier, price might rocket to 100.000 USD per unit.

It is difficult to stay quiet when Mercedes whisper that they will release 2020 mercedesbenz s class soon. Immediately, many reviewers compare the prototype and earlier model. Many things are still in grey zone. Despite all that, people will patiently wait for the final form, hoping that it would add some plus points.

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