Getting to Know 2020 Jaguar XJ Release Date and New Specs

Luxury car needs more than high-grade engine. To enhance the car capability, Jaguar adds several technologies for XJ model. As you know, it is flagship lineup from jaguar and many high-profile clients own this car. So, when is 2020 Jaguar XJ release date? The answer of this question is available in the following section.

 2020 Jaguar Xj Release date

2020 Jaguar Xj Release date

Exterior and Interior Parts

XJ model is luxury car in sedan or saloon category. First released was in 1968 and the second generation was in 1998. Jaguar changed this car with new design for third generation in 2003. After that, the company started to work on fourth one and released in 2009.

Several upgrades are added to enrich the car capability. This is what Jaguar does for 2020 model. Based on the latest design and specs, there might not be significant change, but Jaguar adds update to the system. The exterior still retains old design with curvier touch and luxury accent. The LED headlight and taillight will deliver bright lighting system.

Improvement will be at the interior part. Customers may choose two options: standard and long wheelbase. Both have the same base design, but in different chassis length. If you want additional legroom, long wheelbase is good choice. This option is available in official announcement for the 2020 Jaguar XJ release date.

2020 Jaguar XJ Release Date

2020 Jaguar XJ Release Date

Engine and Features

Jaguar uses engine from another supplier. Recently, this company has agreement with Ford to supply the engine for XJ and other Jaguar models. To fulfill customer demand, Jaguar produces XJ with several capacities and engine models. You can choose 3.0, 5.0, and 5.0 liter supercharged. They are petrol-based engine. For the diesel, you can choose 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged.

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Even though the vehicle belongs to luxury car, not the sport one, the engine is powerful enough to deliver powerful powertrain. The diesel engine 3.0 liter can exhaust 271 horsepower. You can get more than 500 horsepower from 5.0 liter supercharged. Jaguar XJ is also available for specific purpose, such as royal vehicle with adjustment for engine capability.

Moreover, the car has many features that driver and passengers will enjoy. Long wheelbase has space to adjust, mainly for second-row seat. The display at front dashboard show several apps that integrate to the entire car system. You can control, connect, and do many things while in front and second seat.

For transmission, Jaguar provides options of 6-speed and 8-speed. Small engine is relatively suitable for lower transmission. For safety measures, several technologies are installed, such as traction control, sensor and camera, ABS, etc. Basically, this car has utmost tech, specs, and features you can get.

2020 Jaguar XJ Interior

2020 Jaguar XJ Interior

The Price and Release Date

When is 2020 Jaguar XJ release date? As it explained at previous section, the recent XJ is a part of fourth generation that was already released since 2009. Usually, carmaker will announce the new model one or two years prior the production. In that case, 2020 XJ will be released in 2019, and the production starts in 2020. Well, you need to check their timeline regarding this matter.

For the price, it depends on where you live. Each country has different pricing model. For USA, the price starts at $73,000. You will know the detail about price range after 2020 Jaguar XJ release date is announced.

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