Exploring 2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior and the Whole Concept

Infiniti produces the cars that belong to luxury or executive segment. The company is part of Nissan, and some models are relatively similar to what Nissan produces. One of their lineups is Infiniti Q50 as compact sedan. The car was introduced in 2013 to replace Infinity G series. The next section will explore 2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior, engine, price, and design.

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2020 Infiniti Q50 Release date

2020 Infiniti Q50 Release date

Interior and Exterior

Infiniti has unique style regarding their appearance.  Fascia uses delicate design with elegant front grille. Besides, elegant lamps are attached to be front headlamp with LED mode. The design is lean with long aerodynamic contour. It helps to expand car’s acceleration while in highway. Overall exterior combines elegant, sport and luxury in one piece of car.

From exterior, it is time to check cabin or interior side. What does this car have in 2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior? The seat is two rows for four people, including driver. The material is high quality, especially for driver who has to drive for long period.

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As executive, everything you expect in the car technology is available in Infiniti Q50. The dashboard uses touchscreen at center with tons of application and system. Indication and sign uses LED with delicate lighting. It provides necessary information to support driver. Technology includes smartphone integration, navigation, premium speaker, memory seat, etc. Furthermore, seatbelt and airbags are ready to secure people when collision happens.

2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior

2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior

Engine and Performance

This car is available in some engine options. Manufacturer provides engine for petrol, diesel, and hybrid. Petrol engines are 2.0 liter and 3.0 liter that each of them has AWD version. They can boost the power at 208 hp and 300 hp. Another engine is also 3.0 liter that’s capable to generate 400 hp. This performance is the reason to put Infiniti Q50 as the sport car.

The diesel engine has capacity 2.2 liter, and it is capable to produce 168 hp. Even though the powertrain is lower than petrol one, that engine is still reliable to deliver utmost performance. For hybrid, Nissan gives two options but in the same engine models. Hybrid combines fuel and electric motor to generate energy. Both will provide powertrain approximately 378 hp with utmost fuel efficiency.

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All features to control engine are available in 2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior. At front dashboard, you can check driving mode, especially in hybrid version. The car shows some indicators to ensure the engine works properly. As luxury car, this technology is important and part of premium support.

Release Date and Price

The car consists of several variants, such as Pure, Luxe, Sport, and Red Sport 400. Pure is base variant with 2.0-liter engine. For this model, the price starts at $35,650. Luxe has the same specs and feature, but with few additional options. The price is $38,650, and the engine is 3.0 liter. Meanwhile, Sport has the base price at $48,000, and the most expensive one is Red Sport 400 with the base price at $51,100.

The latest model is still in the first generation and based on 2016 update. Infiniti will release second generation in 2020, and it is ready for production at the following year. Some changes are expected for 2020 Infiniti Q50 Interior and engine.

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