2020 Ford F650 Specs for A Super Duty Vehicle

Coming from the best factory of vehicle, you should not have a hesitation of 2020 Ford F650 specs. It seems like yesterday from the previous series, Ford has been doing an improvement again for its vehicle.  If you are desired for the super duty lineup with a best-in-class towing and power, plus capability, you will love this Ford’s creation.

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This series shows you three kinds of vehicles. It could be a regular car (with its straight body), dock top, and a big towing (with its brand-new tractor design). Looking at the capabilities inside, this Ford series is a must-have Ford vehicle for any need. Especially for everyone who craves for the most powerful and capable vehicle ever created.

2020 Ford F650 Super Duty Specs price

2020 Ford F650 Super Duty Specs price

The Specs

Some people are impressed by the 2020 Ford F650 specs. It is interesting so that’s why they cannot wait for the next generation of Ford released. This article will introduce several improvements done by the factory. Those are about the design, engine, and other features. Look at the points below, you might think to have this one too:

  1. Exterior Design

First thing you will learn about its capability is by seeing the exterior design. If you remember on the Ford E series, then you have the answer. Even though it does not adopt the whole part, overall the look is quite similar. The interesting one is shown from the greater grille which is appealing exterior design. Also, from the nostrils and the front lights are the other parts you cannot ignore.

2020 Ford F650 Super Duty Specs

2020 Ford F650 Super Duty Specs

  1. Interior (Cabin)

Not only for the outside, but 2020 Ford F650 specs are also attractive for its cabin. Ford had done very well to make the cabin more comfortable. Indeed, the size is not that larger as you might think. But, there are some improvements inside the cabin here. The seat is formed by a cushioning vynil and fabric. The interior is completed by a 17.5-inch steering wheel that is easy to use. On the dashboard, available stereo audio for entertainment.

2020 Ford F650 Interior

2020 Ford F650 Interior

  1. Engine

Remember, the 2020 Ford F650 specs are two types, one is particularly using diesel and the other is a gas engine. The engine type is the Power Stroke V8 engine and offering 6.7-liter engine capacity. It is able to create a 270 hp with 675 lb-feet of torque. This Ford series offer you a turbo diesel system too. This car will be supported with the 6-speed automatic gearbox so can result in 400 horsepower and 860 lb-ft torque.

  1. Safety

Safety cannot be ignored too. It is an important thing to be noted in every improvement. Its safety is even better than the last series. Just like the overall design, the safety feature is improved through collision detection system. Some standard interior safety also available, such as seating belt and airbags.

2020 Ford F650 specs

2020 Ford F650 specs

  1. BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)

It is the most special feature of this new generation. This is very useful when you drive the Ford as a dock or towing car. BLIS informs you when your vehicle detects a blind spot. The Cross-Traffic Alert feature is completed in BLIS (only for the truck). It lets you know when there is something across behind. So, it saves you when you back out or in a parking place.

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Those are things about the incredible 2020 Ford F650 specs. With the promise of “New Look, New Options, New Super Duty”, Ford proves it on this new generation vehicle. Compared to the 2019 Super Duty, this series is must be more complete and powerful. Get to know this super duty by feeling its action by yourself.

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