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The 2020 FIAT 500 Abarth Major Redesign Will Bring New Wind for 500 Series?

FIAT is one of the car manufacturers that have a quite wide collection of electric powered vehicles. One of the series in this category that they have released is the 500e series, back in 2013. That series can be considered as the failed one. In fact, that project had caused some problem in the company finance. However, there is a rumor or maybe a strong hint that there will be a new 500 series launched in 2020. And, it seems that it will be the big project for 2020 fiat 500 abarth major redesign.

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2020 FIAT 500 Abarth Major Redesign

2020 FIAT 500 Abarth Major Redesign

The Design

As we said before, this is only a rumor. So, the exact design of how this car will look like is still difficult to predict. However, if we have to base our prediction on the boxy Centoventi concept that has been used by FIAT many times, we may be able to give you a glimpse of what this new 500 series looks like.

So, based on that concept, we expect that the exterior will have a sharper and harder accent. Actually, this is an obvious prediction, because all FIAT’s cars have this trademark design. Plus, it has an intimidating design which gives it better and cooler appearance.

The Interior

The previous 500 series have quite a wild design for the interior. So, we are also expecting the same on the 2020 Abarth. However, if we take a look at what FIA experienced when they released the first 500 series in 2013, it would be a big loss if they make the same mistake with their interior design.

So, for this series, we can say that FIAT will tone down the interior design. They will use the more commercially accepted design, so the user won’t be confused or have any problem to use it. Maybe, for the 500 series lover, this will be a great loss because the unconventional interior design is what makes this series unique.

2020 Fiat 500 Abarth Release date

2020 Fiat 500 Abarth Release date

However, if FIAT really wants to avoid the financial problem they had before because of 500 series production, we think they need to back to the normal route. Although we never said that they will leave the quirkiness of the original 500 series.

The Engine and Performance

Another rumor said that FIAT will use the rear-engine type for the new Abarth series. Plus, it will also use the rear-drive system similar to the original model of this series. However, we can’t confirm this matter. So, there is also a big chance that it will use the standard or even completely new engine system.

Pricing and Release Date

We haven’t heard about the official release date information from FIAT. However, we can expect that the new 2020 500 Abarth model and other models from 500 series will show up at the 2020 Geneva Auto Show. and, as for the pricing, we can only predict by using the current 500 series, the 500e model, for this new car. So, you will need at least $34,290 to purchase the new Abarth series.

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