2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat and Interesting Rumors

Every year, there are new cars released in the market. In 2020, it is predicted some new generations of car will also appear. 2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat will become one of the new car to appear. The new model is expected to bring some improvements and enhancement compared to the previous generations. However, the manufacturer still says nothing further regarding the new design. However, there are some rumors about this new SUV, and it is interesting to discuss.

2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat

2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat

The Improved Design

Although manufacturer gives limited clues and information about new Chrysler Aspen Hellcat, it does not mean there is no prediction and leaked information. So far, it is said there will be some differences in design compared to the predecessor. From exterior, the car will have more compact design. It is made sleeker and gets better facelift to increase the nice look. Even, it is predicted that the front grille will be replaced to give sportier look.

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Then, in term of interior, 2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat will give the comfortable interior. The cabin gets some improvements and it is expected that the car will have leather material for some part of cabin. Therefore, this model offers luxurious look. Navigation and other sector entertainment will be improved as well. However, it still needs further confirmation from the manufacturer.

The Engine and Performance

After the design, engine will be the other interesting part to see in new generation of certain cars. It is also what people try to look for regarding the new generation of Chrysler Aspen Hellcat. Moreover, it is predicted there will also be enhancement for performance, and there will be two engine options.

First engine will use V6 3.6 liter engine. For its power output, it will be able to provide up to 300 horsepower. It may become the base model for the engine. Then, the better or higher one will use V8 engine. This 5.7liter engine can give better power output which reaches 363 horsepower. By having these two options, customers can choose the suitable one.

2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat Redesign

2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat Redesign

The Safety Features

Safety features can be one of the additional points to know. Although this may not get big attention as the engine and design, it is still important to consider. Based on rumors, it is said 2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat will get new techs for the safety system. For example, it will have the newer and better sensor. Air bag and braking system are also expected to be improved.

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The Release Date

In term of release date, it is predicted that the car will be released on early 2020. When it is for real, there are still enough months to prepare the official release. Well maybe, the full information about the car will be announced in the end of this year.

Regarding the price, the car is priced around $35,000 up to $40,000. However, it is still prediction. All fans still need to find further information and the official release from the manufacturer to know the full details of 2020 Chrysler Aspen Hellcat.

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