2020 Chevy Tahoe Concept, Redesign and Price

So, what will be the upcoming 2020 Chevy Tahoe concept? The full size SUV is claimed to have a better focus of fuel conservation, along with better design, technical aspects, engines, and other additional handy technologies. When compared to the current model, the 2020 model will have a lot of better updates and creative elements, affecting the overall performance and also comfort. So, what can you expect from this new ride, anyway?

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2020 Chevy Tahoe Concept and Redesign

2020 Chevy Tahoe Concept and Redesign

Engine and Power

As it was mentioned before, the 2020 Chevy Tahoe concept is about better fuel economy that is achieved through fuel efficiency improvements. It is most likely that the ride will be coming with the powerful V8 engine with 3.5 liter capacity, producing 355 hp of power and also 385 Nm of torque, which will be then paired with six speed transmission and four wheel or rear wheel driving system. This engine arrangement is claimed to be new and yet offering the most satisfying outcome. It is able to reach 60 mph within 6 seconds, with top speed reaching more than 100 mph – the exact number hasn’t been informed. You should get more update and info after the company is releasing the official announcement.

For the new Tahoe, it is likely coming with 18 mpg for the city and 24 mpg for the highway. Considering that it is a full size SUV, such as number is pretty impressive. Aside from the improved fuel and engine, safety features will be the most crucial factors that are included within the development stage. With the improved safety elements and also comfort level, what else can you ask for more? You have to admit that the 2020 Chevy Tahoe concept is pretty promising and appealing so you can expect auto parking brake, security traffic alarm, forward accident warn, adaptive getaway management, lane maintaining assistance, and so much more.

Don’t forget that there are a lot of improvement on the infotainment and entertainment system, such as CarPlay, better navigation system, Bose stereo, and many others. As you can see, you can expect updates on the comfort as well as the technologies and features.

Release Date and Price

It is predicted that the new Tahoe should start from around $48,500, considering that Chevy has done the upgrades. The higher grade, such as the LT, the price should start from around $53,000. For the highest trim, expect to spend up to $63,000. The debut is predicted to happen by the end of 2019. Now that you have understood the 2020 Chevy Tahoe concept, what do you think about the overall idea?

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