2020 Chevy Nova SS, Redesign and The Specs

Coming from one of the American manufacturer automobiles, Chevrolet is also known as Chevy. It was built in 1911 by two people, Louis Chevrolet, and William C. Durant. Chevrolet vehicles had gained success in most automobile market worldwide. Just like its Nova series, probably Chevrolet will get its domination again through their 2020 Chevy Nova SS.

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Nova was firstly released on 1960’s. It was a small car, just like a sedan in general. During the time, Chevrolet produced Chevy Nova in several generations. It was developed from year to year. So, does with this 2020 Chevy Nova SS. It has some improvements in several features.

Redesign and The Specs

During the production, Chevy Nova always gets a positive reaction from the market. This 2020 Chevy Nova SS was redesigned in most parts. Chevrolet improved the car from the design, features, until the engine. Expected coming with better specs, here are about this 2020 Chevy at glance:

  1. Exterior Design

There were generations before the new series. That makes the newest generation is expected to be greater. Talking about the size, this new Nova shows you what a bigger sedan is. You will get a wider space since looking it at the very first time.

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As the name is followed by SS, it means this car is a Super Sport car. You will find a sporty touch at its front side. There is also a classic 60’s American car charm. But it is completed with a masculine taste. So, overall, you will find the manly sport sedan car with 21” wheels.

  1. Cabin Nuance

After you are amazed by the exterior, it is time to come in and see what is inside. It is true that you will have a bigger sedan. You will feel a better nuance there. No matter you are the passenger or the driver, both will feel a comfortable space inside the car. Completed with a black and high-technology dashboard, this vehicle is worth to be titled as a modern sedan ever.

  1. Dashboard Features

It would be more perfect to talk about the interior related to the dashboard. As you will see inside, the dashboard has a flat touchscreen there. It has many functions for your convenience. Also, there is a drawer which gives you extra space. The steer is completed with some controls. So, the driver no needs to move the hand. Just do all the control through the steer and some buttons around it.

  1. The Engine

This car is using a 2.5-liter engine. But, if you dream a higher quality one, you can choose another option with the maximum capacity of the 3.8-liter engine. It gives you a capability equal with 205 horsepower. Both are using the V6 model engine. The engine is managed by 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive.

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The convertible model is completed with V8, 5.7-liter custom engine and gives you a 315 horsepower. You will get 19 mpg in the city and about 27 mpg for the highway. Chevrolet made the other choices, which are 6-speed manual transmission plus an overdrive, and the other one is 4-speed transmission plus an overdrive.

  1. Fuel Consumption

The engine already considered as a suitable engine to be put in. The engine type is powerful enough for the sedan. The fuel consumption is also more efficient. It is nice of you. For the average of 25-28 miles, only takes a gallon of fuel. It means you are able to reach further trip by this car. There is no hesitation having this car on the road with you.

That is all a brief of the upcoming 2020 Chevy Nova SS. Hopefully it is useful for your insight. Or maybe, you are now considering buying a new sedan. This Chevy is worth to wait. Feel the experience of a modern-classic sedan in your arm.

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