2020 Chevy El Camino Price and Predicted Specs

Chevrolet is prominent company in the car industry since long time ago. You surely recognize muscle style vehicle that’s popular in USA. In that time, Chevrolet had several models and one of them was El Camino. This car was unique because it combined standard unibody car with pickup truck. People called it as sport utility. It was discontinued in 1987. Now, the rumor about new El Camino spreads and people want to know 2020 Chevy El Camino price.

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2020 Chevy El Camino Price

2020 Chevy El Camino Price

Knowing the price is usually common way to predict what customers will get. You can get the features, specs, and other things based on what you pay. Of course, Chevrolet has its own way to determine the price level. More about this car will be discussed in the following sections.

Design for 2020 Chevy El Camino

What does El Camino look like? This is the first thing that’s very crucial. The last model is in 1987, and you can search the car design in that era. The first released was in 1959, and the design adopted box and sharp angle style. It had long hood with extended back truck.

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For new model, Chevrolet must define what this car will be. The base principle was not regular car and pickup truck. If the idea is rendered to recent model, you can imagine the car with Camaro as front side and pickup truck for the rest of rear side.

The design will determine 2020 Chevy El Camino price. If this plan is ready to put into production stage, Chevrolet should adjust with recent and future market. Many fans want new El Camino, but the development and production take much effort. As alternative, Chevrolet might try to release special edition for existing model with El Camino accent.

2020 Chevy El Camino Release date

2020 Chevy El Camino Release date

Engine Specifications

What is engine for this car? Supposed car is ready to order and few customers have driven it on the road. The engine will be V6 or V8 with capacity between 3.0 liter and less than 4.0 liter. It is sport car, which means the engine has to be powerful.

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On the other side, the engine is not enough without supporting specs and technology. Even though the car has trunk as pickup truck, the capacity is low and owner cannot put many stuffs. Since the first release, one critical issue is related to towing and hauling. Market separates vehicle for sport and utility. It is tough to combine both, and Chevrolet tries with El Camino.

Price and More Details about Chevy El Camino

If Chevrolet can pull this idea and produce sport pickup, 2020 Chevy El Camino price might be at $30,000 – $40,000. The price is tentative depending on the market that the car will enter. If the car is a pickup model, the price will be as similar to mid-size SUV or pickup truck. On the other side, it can be normal car in mid-size category, even the same engine as Camaro. In that case, the price might not much different.

Besides design and specs, new car should have the advance technology. As sport car, Chevrolet installs many things, such as navigation, entertainment, connectivity, safety measures, and sensor. Those are the parts of features that also determine 2020 Chevy El Camino price.

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