2020 Camaro Concept: The Future Legendary Power

With the fuss about the upcoming Camaro, what can you expect from 2020 Camaro concept? The upcoming Z/28 is the next big thing, after Chevy has revealed its Camaro ZL1 in 2018. As if it weren’t enough with the big celebration of the ZL1, the rumored ZL1 1LE is rumored to happen soon. And as if one vehicle isn’t enough, the ultimate Camaro with the Z/28 is said to complete the future line. So, what are the rumors about the new concept?

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2020 Camaro concept

2020 Camaro concept

The Upcoming Rumor

There are some things that have been expected for the upcoming 2020 Camaro concept. For a starter, everyone says that it will be coming with V8 DOHC engine. Well, some reliable sources have confirmed the truth about this rumor. In fact, GM has been spending quite a lot for developing their special V8 DOHC engine – which has been used for the Cadillac CT6. With the success of the Caddy, it is pretty easy to see that the rest will follow suit. And it is really not surprising to see that the new Camaro will be installed with a new engine with the improved power. However, Camaro still has at least a year to develop the engine to perfect it.

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The Engine

With the rumored more powerful engine, it is pretty to see that people would expect more power to it. In fact, the Z/28 is said to deliver 700 hp of power. But it seems quite impossible for the engine to deliver such a capacity, unless the Z/28 is using the forced induction system. Somehow, the Z/28 is based on the idea that the fifth generation should come with more elegance and finesse, so such a forced induction, standard air conditioner, or surround sound system won’t be available there. Of course, the new Z/28 may be coming with more power than the current one but the 500 hp of power sounds like the ideal deal – it won’t reach up to 700 hp of power.

Based on the 2020 Camaro concept, some people are afraid that they may be too early for the new Camaro. But then again, it takes years to develop a sporty and stylish ride, and you can’t expect the ride to have a later launch. The idea about refreshed Camaro has happened since 2015 so it shouldn’t be a surprised if the new Z/28 will be available around 2019, even before 2020. And hopefully, with the leaked spyshots of the vehicle recently, hopefully the new Camaro will be ready soon before 2020.

2020 Camaro Redesign

2020 Camaro Redesign

The Final Outcome

It is pretty understandable when people have been putting a lot of hope on the newest Camaro, considering the name and also the promising feature of the ride. Moreover, with the ride is said to undergo serious development and upgrades, it is easy to see the satisfying outcome of the ride.

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Although there hasn’t been any official information about the price and the release date, everything is expected to run smoothly. And with the promising 2020 Camaro concept, it is quite exciting to wait for upcoming updates.

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