Will You Love 2020 Buick Grand National Price?

At last, 2020 buick grand national price greets public. It has been years and people are slowly losing interest to “Grand National” rumor. Now that they get to see how great it is, a lot of parties show their supports and interests. What makes this car special? Is it favored just by its looks?

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2020 Buick Grand National Price

2020 Buick Grand National Price

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

Tricky part for buick GN mechanic is balancing power and energy efficiency. Apparently, this is one of many strong points offered by latest model. There is no leaked information about engine preferences, so people are taking wild guess.

Since the other large sedans take V6, Buick GN probably takes this engine as well. In order to reach maximum performance, twin turbo model must be used, paired with either eight or six automatic speed transmission. Later on, this combination will produce 260 hp and 290 pound torque.

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Another guess mentions something about advanced 3,6 liter V6 engine. It will give powerful 400 hp instead of 260.

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

It will be difficult for big car to run fast and smooth. Well, 2020 buick grand national price is here to break that stereotype. Manufacturer refuses to define luxury within small frame. They prefer to build bigger and higher frame.

If you take quick glance, this new model looks similar to Cadillac ATS, which is one of its competitors. Both aim to modern, stylish and trendy design. Buick GN goes big; huge irregular light and large body. Still, you won’t see a bulky car, since the curve is placed perfectly on both sides and on the back.

Since its frame is bigger, passengers and drivers have more space inside. This couldn’t be better with high tech air conditioner, which applies special cooling system.

2020 Buick Grand National Interior

2020 Buick Grand National Interior

Safety and Driving Features

All this time, there is no blow up about new safety feature. Therefore, many people are speculating that Buick GN will stay with old pack. They are automated emergency brake, lane-keeping assistance, and automatic control.

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It is not easy to get a pass from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Since there is no update yet, probably 2020 buick is not ready for test drive yet.

Release Date and Price

Normally, car models that are listed as 2020 lineup will be released in the end of 2019. Unfortunately, Buick GN fans have to wait a little bit longer. This car will be ready in early 2020. Until further announcement is released by Buick officials, this is the most valid release time estimation.

Among its competitors, Buick GN is still the cheapest and most affordable. Considering that many features added, make sure to prepare quite lot of money. Standard model is sold at 20.000 USD and higher ends will be 50.000 USD. Since this price might change, it is better to check website regularly,

If you are looking for great performance, 2020 buick grand national price offer something worthy. Even though its price is somewhere between low to mid range, features are thoroughly upgraded. Therefore, many people are already lining up to get one. Will you join the waiting list?

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