Now On Sale: 2020 BMW 335i Review

The new BMW 3-series is on sale now and it is the time to reveal this 2020 BMW 335i review. Compared to the previous BMW 3-series, this BMW 335i has more upgraded performance and features. Are you excited for this luxurious sedan? Here is the review for you.

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2020 BMW 335i review

2020 BMW 335i review

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

The major difference between the previous BMW 3-series is the engine of this sedan. Some BMW lovers might be disappointed because the upcoming BMW 335i is said to have less turbo. But, don’t be discouraged just yet. This less turbo doesn’t mean that the performance of this sedan is worse than the previous series. The minimal number of turbo here maximizes the engine response and it is better than ever.

Although they cut down the turbo, they still make sure that the sedan can run up to 5000rpm. Instead of focusing on adding the turbo, BMW focuses more on the fuel economy and emission. In this new sedan, you can maximize the fuel for up to 8% and cut the emission to 10%.

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Another best thing about this sedan is the upgraded Performance Pack for the BMW 335i M that can be purchased on BMW dealers. the performance is more improved compared to the previous series and it will now add 20 hp and 32lb-ft of torque for the automatic one. While for the manual one, the new pack adds to 17 lb-ft.

2018 Bmw 335i Interior

2018 Bmw 335i Interior

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

If talking about the 2020 BMW 335i review, we will also talk about its major bodyworks. The new 335i has upgraded both exterior and interior. Compared to the previous series, it has upgraded the rear valance, light, grill, as well as front air. In terms of size, this series is 32mm longer than the previous series.

The car actually combines the simple, modern, and classic concept, and you will love this unique combination. The upgraded version of this BMW 335i makes the car looks more powerful. It also packed with big 19” wheels that enable you to explore the hard field. Although you can start purchasing this sedan, the detailed information related to its exterior, interior, and infotainment still remains unknown.

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Safety and Driving Features

The engine of this sedan makes driving it more pleasant. The rapid engine response makes an instant blow. You can slightly hear the howling turbo, but it is only at the beginning then you won’t hear it anymore. Overall, the driving performance is better than the previous series. The suspension is better with better control over the body. The handling is also pleasant with great engine support.

Release Date and Price

The BMW 355i has been released, and the prices varied based on the model and the additional modification you choose. The 355i series are available from $40,500 and the M Sports are available from $42,600.

Aside from the built-in features of this sedan, you can add some features to boost the overall performance. It means that the cost will be higher, but it won’t affect the warranty. On the bottom line, through the 2020 BMW 335i review, this sedan is better than the previous versions.

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