How 2019 Ford F650 Specs Charm American Market

To tell the truth, 2019 ford f650 specs is not the first truck from Ford. Even since its first product, Ford comes strong no matter how their partnership changes. Instead of going down, better products are presented to market. What makes F650 different?

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2019 Ford F650 Specs

2019 Ford F650 Specs

Performance, Engine, and Transmission

The F650 is listed as one of the Super Duty Truck. Compared to its brothers, F650 is actually the weakest. However, Ford has valid reason for this downgrading. Instead of highlighting performance, they want something long lasting.

For this reason, F650 drivers must be happy with Triton Powertrail. There will be no powerful engine as turbo diesel V8. Still, this truck could pull out 320 hp and 450 lb of torque. It is just slightly above the most standard model of Ford truck. If you are looking at Super Duty lineup, this truck is definitely the weakest. At least, it still has six speed automatic transmissions.

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Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Sadly, front part of 2019 ford f650 specs is looking similar to the other siblings. One way to differentiate F650 is the cab configuration. Even the headlights and grille are copying the other models, such as E series van and F250.

As many super duty trucks has small ladder, F650 owns bigger ladder. This feature shows that F650 belongs to light duty class. Inside the truck, you will see what any other truck has to offer. There are standard seats with enough room to stretch your legs.

Basically, all controls are within reach. The control panel is touch screen, but the AM/FM tuner is still using old school design.

2019 Ford F650 Specs

2019 Ford F650 Specs

Safety and Driving Features

Thanks to its hydraulic brake system, this big-frame medium truck is able to stop immediately after drivers pull the brake. Some manufacturers miss this point and make additional movement several seconds later.

Especially for this truck, costumers are warned to secure transmission brake. Before leaving, make sure it has been set to “park”. Another option would be choking front or back wheels. This is really important, especially if the vehicle just get repaired.

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Release Date and Price

It has been a while since this model reaches out American market. If you want to check this little beast, you could head directly to the store. Some review from buyers might also help to decide whether you really need to upgrade the standard version. Easier option would be buying higher ends models.

There is one thing about Ford models. Its price doesn’t go too far from its first eight generation line. With that in mind, you could expect around 56.000 USD per unit. Leveling engine up would cost another 10.000 USD. Don’t take upgrading to tractor option, because it will make you pay 70.000 USD at minimum.

Many people are glad to see 2019 ford f650 specs. As how Ford usually treats its loyal costumer, this latest car never fails to impress. There are lots of interesting features, especially because it is custom made for American market. Its strong towing capacity is the most appealing feature.

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