2019 Charger Delay Scheme and Production

If you have been waiting for 2019 Charger updates, you may not like some of the most current news. The FCA is said to delay the launch, especially for the US auto market, and they are going back to the redesign stage again. They aren’t only delaying the production of Charger but also the Challenger.

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2019 Dodge Charger Release date

2019 Dodge Charger Release date

The Current News Report

Based on both FCA suppliers and also source, it is confirmed that the production for 2019 Charger will be delayed. It goes along with their plan to discontinue one of their big sedans efficiently starting in 2020, which somehow coincides along both Charger and Challenger (again) redesigning stage.

There have been some conflicting rumors about their next production and updates. Some say that they may not use the platform from Alfa Romeo but they will be using Maserati’s instead. However, some sources claim that they are still going with the Alfa Romeo’s platform, focusing on the Giorgio. Because of this plan, it is highly likely that the next future rides will be coming as the 2021 model

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Giorgio Platform

As it was mentioned before, the 2019 Charger will be inspired by the Giorgio from Alfa Romeo. It was originally made for Dodge with wider and longer base. However, after some inspections and checking, it turns out that such long and wide base is good enough for the Charger. And the good thing is, it is still able to cut off the weight up to 500 pounds. Despite the weight loss, the construction is solid and rigid – even good enough for convertible styling. If everything goes as planned, FCA is probably going to continue their concept of Dodge Barracuda, the convertible inspired from the Charger 1999 concept.

2019 Dodge Charger Horsepower

2019 Dodge Charger Horsepower

Some of the Newest Ideas

Aside from the delayed plan, there is still the Chrysler sedan 300. The three rides – 300, Challenger, and Charger – will be coming with refreshed look although there hasn’t been any official confirmation about their availability or what kind of updates they are going to get. However, some birds are singing, claiming that Dodge is pretty ambitious with their plans – bringing the Challenger GT all wheel type and also the Hellcat Challenger ADR with its wide body – to attract buyers.

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Up until now, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about anything – not the release date or the price. If you want to know more about 2019 Charger production plan and whether they are going with the planned scheme, stay tune.

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