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2018 Buick Regal Grand National & GNX Price, Specs, Release Date

Buick allegedly had plans to bring back the Regal Grand National and high-performance GNX sedan as a 2018 model after his long sleep for almost 30 years. Perhaps there is too much nonsense out there, or even speculation about GM’s plans in recent years. However, our sources believe that General Motors will actually revive this legendary car.

According to some leaked information, the 2018 Buick Regal Grand National will come in the form of four-door sedans and two-door coupe, as well as will be built on GM’s Alpha platform which today is used by the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro, 2014 Cadillac CTS and ATS sedans. In fact, General Motors has reportedly filed his patent to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Of course, this provides fresh air for Buick fan out there.

2018 Buick Grand National GNX (only illustration/not real photo)

2018 Buick Grand National GNX (only illustration/not real photo)

This strategy taken by General Motors to increase its sales in the future, considering the current Buick Regal models use GM’s Epsilon II platform with a front engine layout. And as we know, since 2011 Buick Regal is a rebadged version of the Opel Insignia or better known as the Vauxhall Insignia in the UK market, which seem less desirable by the market.

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2018 Buick Regal Grand National/GNX Design and Specs

In terms of design, the 2018 Buick Grand National is expected to adopt a very impressive and different design compared to the current Regal model, thanks to GM’s Alpha platform with rear-wheel drive layout. It may be slightly inspired by the three other GM models that use the same platform, including the sixth-generation Chevy Camaro, third-generation Cadillac CTS and ATS. However, of course, the original Buick breath will still be there, although the car will use GM’s new architecture.

2018 Buick Regal Grand National

2018 Buick Regal Grand National

As for the engine options, the next-generation car will be offered in three different engine options when it hit the North American market and will most likely be borrowed from the current Cadillac ATS. The first option is a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder engine capable of producing at least 272 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 295 lb-ft of torque at 3,000-5,500 rpm. If consumers are not satisfied, they can thrusting money at the second option that comes with a naturally-aspirated 3.6-liter V6 engine and is claimed to spew out 321 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 274 lb-ft of torque at 4,800 rpm.

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Remember, the last engine option will only be available for the high-performance 2018 Regal GNX sedan. Buick reportedly will offer a newly-developed 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 engine, which is allegedly able to crank out more than 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. On the other hand, three transmission options are available, including a six-speed automatic, six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic Hydra-Matic gearbox.

2018 Buick Regal Grand National Interior

2018 Buick Regal Grand National Interior

2018 Buick Regal Grand National Release Date and Price

Talking about release date, the 2018 Buick Regal Grand National will most likely be released in the US market in late 2017, followed by a GNX variant shortly afterwards. The price tag for the base model is expected to start around $29,000, while the high-performance GNX model may be priced around $42,500. This new model will reportedly be built at GM’s Lansing Grand River Assembly plant in Michigan, since it uses the same Alpha platform like the Camaro, CTS and ATS.


  • The 2018 Grand National has to have a ‘single turbo’ 600 HP 3.8L rear wheel drive as a 2 door.
    Just enough to scrape the supercharged Corvette but not outperform it.
    The 2018 GNX with a (bigger) McLaren ‘single’ turbo 800 HP 3.8L rear wheel drive as a 2 door.
    Once again in a class of its own as it should.
    Take the old school box design and ‘tastefully’ retro-ize it, not to be overdone.

  • 4 door, really? Who thought that was a good idea? They gonna offer it in Skittle Green too? If they’re not going to do it right, they shouldn’t do it at all. No need to embarrass another old school muscle car like what was done to the GTO. That was a joke.
    A black 2 door coupe, just how the Good Lord intended. And needs to be the quickest thing on the road, like the originals. Quickest not the fastest, that’ll keep the Corvette people at bay for a few years at least. Only in a V6 platform. How can you put a Turbo 6 emblem on a 4 cylinder car? Obviously they’ll need a few new age additions. Possibly the use of a twin turbo setup.
    I’m sure they can come up with an awesome car without destroying the GN/GnX lineage. To do this any other way would be like slapping Escalade badges on a S-10.

  • 2 door with 455 rear wheel drive. Everyone else in the industry, especially Dodge is killin it. I have a 1970 Skylark/GS STAGE 2, and would love to see Buick regain their stance in the performance game again. JUST WISHFUL!!!!

  • 455 rear wheel drive. Everyone else in the industry, especially Dodge is killin it. I have a 1970 Skylark/GS STAGE 2, and would love to see Buick regain their stance in the performance game again. JUST WISHFUL!!!!

  • on this 2018 buick grand national I”d like to see an eagle like crossover AWD suspension with some more ground clearance high profile tires buic k had a diesel that needed improvements years ago I”d like to see an improved HO version in this car

  • I owned a 1968 GS400 with a Stage I, dealer installed option, and it was NEVER beaten on the dragstrip by a Mopor, Ford or GM Product. Rear was the 4:10 Posi. It product well over 400 HP.

    Bring back those days.

  • I have a 2015 AWD Prem II and it has been a good car. I will defiantly look at the GNX for my next vehicle. Not sure about the 400 HP version and the gas mileage so i might have to look at the 300 HP V6. I think this was and will still be a better choice than the Acua in that price range.

  • I hope it happens but based on the story and believe it is a story this may or may not happen so don’t get your hopes up here . Reason being is the fact they listed a 4 dr the other is they also listed the clCadillac ATS and believe me that car is such a dog there is so much turbo lag it’s a joke. The GN was a two door car the fact they say it is a model I’m the line up it seems they are going w the ATS and that will. It stand for public buyers it has to be 2 dr w a v6 motor the twin turbo would really be striking as opposed to a single ! They have been talking about this for 4 yrs now but not much has happened until now unless it gets unveiled at
    The Cobo Hall New Car show we will know for sure here in Jan if this car is real or not ?

  • We had a 15 GS it was junk. Traded it at 37k after 4 years and put the wife into an ATS-V. They’ve been promising this GNX since 15. Of course by the time they offer the car it will be under powered overpriced and then GM will go geez we brought it back but it didn’t sell.

  • In regards to Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale 2018 auction: Buick’s turn for a breakout. GNX #003, I say $375,000. Despite the miles it’s worth every penny…$250,000+ will be a commonplace for the low miles ones.

  • You people don’t really believe this crap do you? There have been rumors of the GN and the GNX coming back since the late ’90s. Just like the GNX was the cause for the Corvettes we all see today, simply because the GNX smoked every Corvette out there, this RUMOR was the cause for all the other big companies to begin releasing their “RETRO: models again. Based simply on a rumor we started seeing the the GTO, which was a joke as well as the CHARGER and Challenger. Even before that we saw some retro pick-up trucks. That’s the power the Grand National has. Just talk about bringing it back and the other companies get to work trying to keep up. Buick will never release it. Those of us that own Grand Nationals don’t want it either. Why take away fro a legend? Besides it is far too much fun smoking a brand new Hellcat with my 1987 GN with less than $1,000 in bolt ons. LOL.

  • They can promise the release of a new car but I think it is highly unlikely. Even if they they did try to cash in on the legendary nameplate, I’m not sure I would give up my ’87 Regal T, WE-4 unless it came with something north 500hp and 500 ft lbs of torque, was a blacked out 2 door with RWD.


  • They are never gonna bring back the GN all they did was refit the buick gs for 2018 nonturbo 3.6 310 hp pretty tame. Now throw a turbo on that 3.6 and I’ll take a serious look but it’s not gonna happen.

  • Nothing more than a re bodied Cadillac 4 door its just not right. Nothing more than a Marketing ploy and hot version if you can get your hands on it will be north of 70 grand for a four door fail

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